Louis Carreon Views His Collection at the estate of Bob Zangrillo During Art Basel

Louis Carreon Views His Collection at the estate of Bob Zangrillo During Art Basel

Los Angeles' most sought contemporary artist Louis Carreon was tapped by Art Basel title sponsor UBS to debut his never before seen collection Ballerinas at a private event sponsored by UBS, Adli Law Group & Denison Superyachts at the home of venture capitalist and founder of Dragon Global Bob Zangrillo.  VIP attendees were able to take home a copy of a Ballerinas coffee table look book of Louis' latest works on display at the event.  Carreon was quoted to Daily Front Row saying "The Ballerina collection was inspired by growing up in Los Angeles. The ballerinas represent thespians, actors, poets, models, dancers — whoever moves to California, to Hollywood, were stimulated to come and be a celebrity by reaching their goals. The ballerina represents them and the lust and addiction that beats them up along the way. If you notice, my ballerinas look strong at first, but if you look closely their dresses are moved and tattered. They're in weird positions that aren't really formal when it comes to that type of dance. They have bottles of booze on the floor, snakes next to them.  It just represents all the people that come here — which are so many people — in pursuit of the American dream. They get caught up in their ego and addiction, become tattered, and fall victim to the dangers of ego versus mastering your craft. I think I was part of that, and fell victim to drugs and ego and all the things that just straight up derail you from keeping your eyes on the prize and being able to manifest your own destiny. So that's what the ballerinas mean to me. They're just broken dancers who should have loved themselves more."

About Louis

Artist, maverick, and trailblazer Louis Carreon is based in Los Angeles and works from his Hollywood studio The Drip Factory, where he has created commissioned works and high-level brand collaborations with a number of notable brands and companies such as ISOT, UBS, Art Basel, Denison Yachts, Landmark Aviation, Soho House, Viper Room, the NBALoveLoudFest x ImagineDragonsHouse of Sussex x Swarovski

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