Skin Care in the Winter

Skin Care in the Winter

Waxing on a regular schedule (every 3-4 weeks) will not only reveal beautiful, smooth skin, it will also provide a mechanical exfoliation, removing...

Keep Waxing

Waxing on a regular schedule (every 3-4 weeks) will not only reveal beautiful, smooth skin, it will also provide a mechanical exfoliation, removing not just your hair, but dead skin as well. This means keep up a consistent waxing schedule in the winter, even if your skin may not see the light of day. Your skin needs to be waxed more than ever to help keep it refreshed throughout the wintertime.


Start Waxing Your Legs (And Your Arms)

I'm often asked, "If you could only wax one area for the rest of your life, what would it be?" You'd think I'd say bikini or underarms because that's what I am always encouraging people to try, but the truth is legs. My legs are half of my body and waxing leaves them feeling smooth and silky. I couldn't go the rest of my life without enjoying that super fresh post-leg-wax feeling, especially in the winter. (Add your arms to that and you've covered most of your body.) Winter is a great time to start waxing your legs, if you don't normally do it, because growing out your hair isn't as apparent.



Between wax visits, it is essential to exfoliate regularly at home. You can gently exfoliate everyday using a physical exfoliant like the European Wax Center Strut Lavishly Body Polish. The polish uses tiny beads of wax to gently remove lifeless surface cells that can contribute to ingrown hairs.


Every few days you can use something with a little more kick like European Wax Center Reveal Me Body Exfoliating Gel. It is an enzymatic exfoliant that will lift and remove dead skin cells revealing the softer smoother skin left behind.



I can't stress this enough – moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Make a habit of moisturizing as often as you can. I recommend getting one or two scented lotions. For example, European Wax Center Strut Lavishly Body Lotion or Slow It Body Lotion. Keep different lotions in different places in your home. For example, one by the couch, one by your bed, and one in the kitchen. That way they are always available and you have a variety of options all winter long.


Enjoy Caring for Your Skin

Creating small rituals like placing lotions around the house make it easy and enjoyable to care for your skin. Self care in this way helps to make it easy to feel good. Not only will it keep your skin beautiful, but it will also make you feel unapologetically confident. So, embrace those few little moments a day when you are caring for your skin and take the time to take a deep breath or think about something you appreciate in your life.

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