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Ways to Reduce Harmful Blue Light Exposure through LensCrafters’ Blue IQ

Ways to Reduce Harmful Blue Light Exposure through LensCrafters’ Blue IQ

Your eyes are the windows to your soul which is the importance of protecting them to the harmful blue light we are exposed to over 1/3 of our waking hours.  Harmful blue light is all around us – from tablets, to cell phones and laptops. With adults spending over 9 hours a day on digital devices and kids spending up to 8 hours per day on devices, over time, exposure to the blue light can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. Today we are being exposed to more and more sources of blue light and for longer periods of time than in the past. Everyone should be reducing exposure early in life so that when you reach your 40’s, the damage from blue light will not be as great.


Blue light is the light spectrum between 400nm and 500nm.  Unlike ultraviolet, blue light is visible light and necessary for human functioning.  Majority of exposure to blue light comes from the sun.  However, our modern lifestyles have dramatically increased exposure to blue light indoors through LED lighting, televisions, computers, cellphones and other digital devices.  This exposure is unparalleled to any time in human history. Blue light is associated with eye strain, retinal damage, and sleep cycle disruption.


But children are the most vulnerable to overexposure to blue light.  Kids’ physiology (arm length, eye size, etc.) leads to higher intensity of exposure, as their eyes come closer to sources of light, such as a closely held gaming device.  Kids are less likely to be mindful of wearing sunglasses outside, where exposure to blue light is the greatest.  50% of lifetime exposure to blue light happens before 18 years of age


To combat the problems related to Blue Light exposure, LensCrafters has created the Blue IQ which is an embedded innovative filtering technology that offers the greatest reduction in exposure to harmful blue light indoors for their lenses.


Here are some other steps that people can take to fight blue light, according to Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director, LensCrafters.


  • People can change the brightness of their screens and reduce light
  • You can add a glare reduction filter for computer screens
  • Dim indoor lighting
  • Dark tinted sunglasses offer protection from blue light from the sun (no such protection exists indoors for artificial sources of blue light)
  • Wear glasses prescription or non with blue filter lenses

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