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SHIREEN ARANI: The Go-to Lawyer for Couples in Transition

SHIREEN ARANI: The Go-to Lawyer for Couples in Transition


You’re a high-net worth developer expecting a contentious divorce.


You’re an independent, successful executive marrying into a wealthier family.


You’re the parent of small children worried about negotiating custody.


They’re common situations people find themselves confronting.

Fortunately, New York has a very large talent pool of matrimony attorneys. Working her way up to the top is Shireen Arani, a Partner at Katsky Korins LLP, a mid-size general practice firm here in Manhattan.  Shireen is one of the most astute matrimonial and family attorneys working in the city today, with a keen grasp of the complex and constantly changing law.  Since beginning her career as a law clerk in the Family Court, Shireen has built a portfolio of high-net worth clientele who have found in her a fierce advocate with an expertise in all aspects of divorce, pre-nuptial and other marital and co-habitation agreements, child custody, relocation, modification, and enforcement actions. Equally comfortable in the courtroom as she is in the office or conference room, her hallmark is satisfied clients who come away from the process with their needs met or exceeded whether through negotiated settlement, mediation, or litigation. Shireen has a been designated as AV-Preeminent®, the highest professional excellence rating by Martindale Hubble®, recognized as the gold standard in attorney ratings, and has been named a Top-Rated Family Law Attorney in New York and Boston by the Reuters Super Lawyer® evaluations.

Shireen sat down with RESIDENT magazine to talk marriage and divorce. 



What got you into law, specifically matrimonial law?

It’s intellectually and emotionally challenging.  I’ve always loved communicating and negotiating, and in this field I am working directly with clients to resolve disputes, many of which are deeply personal.


What advice do you give clients who are getting married?

Always be informed as to your family’s income, expenses, assets and liabilities.  You may trust your spouse may file tax returns, pay bills, and/or manage assets without continual oversight, but you should have a global understanding of your financial situation.  If you have significantly different financial circumstances than your soon to be spouse or new spouse, understand what the law provides if a divorce or death occurs down the line.  If you do not enter into a pre-nuptial agreement, seek advice on how you may take measures to protect yourself by managing your income and assets to limit your exposure.


What advice do you give clients looking to start a family?

Regardless of whether or not you are married the decision to have a child with another parent will bind you together for life.  Choose wisely! 

What are the most common mistakes people make when getting a divorce?

Using the divorce and judicial process as war reparations against a spouse.  It won’t work, you’ll spend an enormous amount of money to no avail, and you’ll feel worse in the end. If you have children, you may permanently damage any chance of co-parenting with an ex-spouse in the future. 


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How do you keep up with laws that are constantly changing?

I analyze recent decisions and changes to the statute and discuss these changes with colleagues.  We’re constantly learning. That’s what’s exciting about practicing law. 


What expectations/ perspective do you share with the client before the process starts?

I like to get an idea of how the client ideally envisions how the case will resolve.  This helps guide the case in the right direction and allows me to address unrealistic expectations at the outset.


What is your personal motto?

Life isn’t perfect.  Get on with it.  


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