Agent Provocateur: Valentine’s collection with Charli Howard

Agent Provocateur: Valentine’s collection with Charli Howard


This Valentine's Day, Agent Provocateur has broadened the concept of this day of love; instead of solely being about the love shared between lovers, Valentine's Day this year will be dedicated to loving yourself. The campaign will center on the strength of the female and her form, loving oneself and one's body, and being entirely unapologetic for it. Launching January 24th, there is no better person to epitomise this concept than model and body positivity ambassador Charli Howard.

As the face of the Valentine's Day campaign, Charli embodies the brand to another level. Her confidence and self-love emanates, inspiring others to own their allure and to use Agent Provocateur as a way of showing their body the love it deserves.

"I am beyond honoured to be the face of Agent Provocateur's Valentines campaign, especially as someone with curves. For me, Valentine's Day is a time to champion who you are as a woman and show yourself some love – as well as wearing gorgeous lingerie that makes you feel sexy from the inside out. Agent Provocateur has always celebrated women and their sexuality and this campaign is merely a reminder to celebrate your body every day." – Charli Howard.

"Valentine's Day usually puts the emphasis on love for someone special in your life. But that's not always the case and we need to remind ourselves that YOU are someone special in your life! This Valentine's day at Agent Provocateur we want people to remember to love themselves in their body, mind and self-confidence, and Charli Howard symbolises that perfectly." – Creative Director, Sarah Shotton.

The Valentine's Day products on offer will include Agent Provocateur's quintessential Lorna set in a handful of romance-inducing hues, along with the iconic Felinda set in pink or black. Stripped-back nude sets like Joan and Essie will offer barely-there beauty while Seraphina, Edita and Perdia keep Valentine's Day classic in red and pink, creating a feminine fantasy that will have hearts aflutter.

As an ode to Valentine's Day and a profession of true love, Charli Howard has written a Love Letter to her herself and her body.

To my Body,

This is a letter to say thank you: a thank you for all the times you loved me, when I showed you no love at all. Our relationship in the past has been complicated. I spent years comparing you to numerous women I will never be, and against bodies I will never have. I based my value on what other people thought of me or saw in me, seeking their approval before I sought my own.

My curves were shameful; my stretch marks hideous. My hair should have been different; my clothes a size smaller. I was never satisfied with what you gave me, even when you tried telling me I was enough. I wanted to change you in the hope someone else would love me in the ways I could not love you.

But, in reality, you've loved me better than anyone else ever could; more than anyone ever will.

I put so much focus on looking perfect on the outside that I forgot about the love you offered me from within. And the truth is, Body, you were perfect already – I was just blind to it.

When I abused you, you never left. When I criticised you, you never fought back.

You have repaired and renewed me; kept my heart beating and my blood pumping. You never gave up on me throughout all the times I was ready to give up on you. And, years later, when I finally realised how much I needed you, you continued to love me like you had from the beginning.

That is true love.

So this is a promise – a promise to love you, flaws and all, and to make up for the years I didn't realise your worth. And while my skin might not be the smoothest, or my hips the smallest, you've taught me what I needed to know:

I am enough.

So we're in this together for the long run. Because you may not be perfect, Body, but you're the only one I've got.

All my love,

Charli xxx


Founded in 1994, Agent Provocateur opened its first boutique in London's Soho. Since then, the brand has gone on to become globally recognised and under the creative direction of Sarah Shotton, has become British cult, redefining what lingerie is and can be. Provocative, theatrical, sensual and playful, Agent Provocateur is known for its use of beautiful fabrications and craftsmanship combined with avant-garde fashion sense.

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