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TAO DOWNTOWN: Asian Fusion With An Incredible Decor

TAO DOWNTOWN: Asian Fusion With An Incredible Decor


TAO Downtown offers a distinct sense of arrival and discovery and is the first TAO venue where guests descend into a multi-level space. Designed by Rockwell Group, the subterranean restaurant, located in the heart of Chelsea, is intended to look and feel as if it has been there for decades and only unearthed recently to reveal the artifacts within. Upon arrival, guests immediately encounter a long corridor with a dragon scale patterned screen and Chinese calligraphy murals mounted on weathered brick walls.

The Quan Yin statue, replete with 24 hands, sits atop a koi pond, acting as the anchor of the main dining room. A floor-to-ceiling patterned screen frames the Quan Yin and accentuates the statue’s hands, which represent her ability to render assistance. Through 3D projection mapping technology which utilizes animation to create visuals such as flowing waterfalls and growing moss, the Quan Yin is brought to life right before your eyes.


Specially-crafted banquettes are tucked within the grand staircase, offering prime seating amongst a diverse array of intriguing statues and sculptures sourced abroad. Custom-made, beaded-tassel light fixtures and oversized lantern-like pendants provide warm lighting within the high-ceilinged restaurant. Playing off the aged, vintage aesthetic, UK street artist HUSH, renowned for his artful Eastern images of feminine beauty and sensuality, has hand-painted original mixed media murals throughout the cavernous space.


TAO Downtown offers a menu of signature dishes that include offerings from sea, sky and land, such as Crispy Snapper in the Sand, Peking Duck, and Wagyu Rib-Eye Teppanyaki.  Guests can also anticipate an updated selection of sharable plates, ranging from house-made Dim Sum and traditional Yakitori skewers to an assortment of Barbeque, Tempura and small plates. Desserts include a Giant Fortune Cookie with white and dark chocolate mousse, and Lemongrass Crème Brulee.



92 9th Ave.

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