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THE POWER TO INSPIRE: Marriott Stanton South and Creativity Explored

THE POWER TO INSPIRE: Marriott Stanton South and Creativity Explored





The noble era of equality and empowerment works through our hearts and souls in mysterious ways. The latest collaboration of Marriott Stanton South Beach, the recently renovated luxurious boutique hotel featuring Miami skyline views and unobstructed oceanfront, and Creativity Explored, a San Francisco non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people in their quest to become working artists, aim to support and bring awareness to the contributions of female artists with developmental disabilities in the creative arts in alignment with Marriott’s Serve 360 initiative. In anticipation of the annual Art Basel show in Miami Beach, the organizations will host a not-for-profit art exhibition called “Six Women: Female Voices from Creativity Explored,” that will be available for public at Marriott Stanton South Beach space from November 30 through December 9.

Over three decades ago, Creativity Explored was founded in San Francisco by Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz to provide adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to create visual art. 

“Creativity Explored is honored to partner with Marriott Stanton South Beach to connect the vibrant arts community of South Beach, Miami, to artists in our program,” said Linda Johnson, Executive Director of Creativity Explored. “We’re proud to bring a slice of San Francisco culture to Miami during Art Basel with a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing the accomplished artwork of diverse women with developmental disabilities working in our studios. The collection is a vibrant example of the important contributions of our artists to the wider arts community that is sure to delight the hotel’s art-savvy visitors.”

The event is just a grain of sand in the Sahara of Marriott Stanton South Beach contributions to Marriott’s Serve 360 initiative, a non-profit project committed to creating a positive and sustainable impact within each community a Marriott resides, in hopes of making the earth a better place for every one of us. Boasting 224 renovated rooms, a new spa, fitness center, Michelin-Star concept restaurant and direct beach access, the hotel is the perfect environment to truly empower women with luxurious ambience. Although the promotion of awareness remains the biggest goal of the program, this collaboration is also set to support the overall concept and mission of Creativity Explored, while putting focus on female artists specifically through a female-driven exhibition, featuring a curated collection of artwork by Christina Marie Fong, Camille Holvoet,Selene Perez, Evelyn Reyes, Kate Thompson, and Marilyn Wong among others.

“Our goal with this collaboration is to show our support for these accomplished artists and their dynamic and thought-provoking work,” said Mike Manzari, General Manager at Marriott Stanton South Beach. “We are ecstatic to not just give back to this organization but to promote their important contribution to the contemporary art within our community.”

The exhibition will run daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

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