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Would you like a lap steak? Meet Robert’s Steakhouse, where strippers are also on the menu.

Darkly lighted, finished in red-and-purple palette, the two-storied area of the Penthouse club, named for the magazine, is famous for beautiful women, that charge you $20 a song for their company, and, recently, according to food critics at The New York Times and Vogue, for its flavourful aged steaks. Moderately loud rock soundtracks with a share of humor like Sympathy for the Devil or Love Is a Battlefield spices up the space, where personnel is always attentive to the customers yet not annoying. Girls visit guests to say hello, to have dinner, to chat, or to agree on table-side dances later in the evening. All waiters are men, hence, you will not get into an awkward lap-dance arrangement situation.  

Listed among Michelin-starred list of most expensive restaurants in the U.S., Robert’s is led by a seasoned chef Mr. Lang, whose resume includes Guy Savoy in Paris and Daniel on the Upper East Side. Created by Lang, the menu include classic dishes like caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, creamed spinach and the chief’s personal experiments that you should definitely try. 

Eager for a delicious dinner? For an appetizer, we recommend you sample a seafood salad and a tuna tartare, served with bonito flakes, nori, sesame seeds and sriracha, a Thai chili paste. Your entree MUST include at least one of the steaks or lamb chops, which tempting presentation and marvelous taste that promise to turn any vegetarian to inveterate meat lover. But if you are not ready to sacrifice your ideology for a piece of forbidden steak, take a look at brussels sprouts or onion rings, which are not necessarily a healthier choice. And don’t exclude a dessert option, a buttery nipple. This extraordinary desert involves a women spreading your laps like moveable bridges, providing clearance for pouring a combination of Baileys Irish Cream, butterscotch schnapps, and Reddi-wip into your mouth. 

Be prepared to spend. The average check runs up to $516 and it is not the food, a New York strip steak at the restaurant is priced at $53, but drinks that cost you a pretty penny. The wine list is formal and limited with choices, but you will definitely find majestic reds, ranging from $65 to $1,000, for your steaks. Between $200 to $750 for a regular bottle, Champagne may be a wonderful addition to any occasion. A bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac will cost you $3,200.

To indulge in a fine dining experience with improperly yet pleasingly dressed women and tremendous steaks, call at least a week ahead.  


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