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SICILY, OH DEAR SICILY: Boutique Resort Donna Carmela

SICILY, OH DEAR SICILY: Boutique Resort Donna Carmela


Rposto, Zash Country Boutique Hotel


Carruba di Giarre. Zash Country Boutique Hotel


Carruba di Giarre. Zash Country Boutique Hotel


Riposto Zash hotel Boutique.


Riposto Zash hotel Boutique.


When thinking of an exciting getaway, you might picture exotic jungles or a desolate island in Polynesia. Located in the Mangano province of Sicily, Boutique Resort Donna Carmela aims to challenge the very notion of this stereotype. The exuberance and warmth of the Italian island is mirrored by the hotel’s exceptional service, interior design solutions, and fine dining experience, welcoming you to sample the passion of Sicily in a luxurious setting.  

Surrounded by ever-green Mediterranean gardens, the hotel is a 15-minute drive from Acireale, a town at the foot of the notorious stratovolcano Etna, and a half-hour from Taormina, home to the ancient Greco-Roman theater Teatro Antico di Taormina. During a journey from the Catania Fontanarossa Airport, located 35 minutes from the property, you may contemplate the colorful Sicilian coastline. Upon arrival, the guests will meet face to face with the superior villa-like space where each room is a different experience. Whether bewitched by a spell of creativity or inspired with meditative ambience, you will experience a truly unique stay based on the room or suite you choose. With bamboo stick wind chimes hanging from the ceiling, the “Fantastic Forest” room provides an elegant connection with Mediterranean nature. The “Romantic Lodge” speaks for itself. As any couple’s essential choice, the room defines the meaning of privacy and discreetness by offering a marvelous views. The personal pool allows romance to bloom at any time of the day without having to leave your romantic hideaway. Seeking glam and relaxation? The “Classic Rooms” are what you need. Worthy of a feature in a glamorous architecture magazine, these rooms overlook the peaceful landscape of Etna Mountain and the Ionian Sea. Travelers looking for a relaxing time in an environmental setting, should choose the “Nature Lodges.” Specifically designed for nature lovers in mind, each space offer the chance to behold the charm of a woodland getaway. The room is painted in a nude palette of colors and decorated with minimum accents, allowing guests to sense the enchantment of this Mediterranean region. 


Warm, relaxed, intimate, and sophisticated, the on-site restaurant offers various cuisine options for those looking to fully indulge in a fine dining experience. The traditional menu breathes with Sicilian warmth and Arabic spices, and the gourmet menu offers some international options to choose from with dishes that can be accompanied by an extensive selection of local wines. Customers can choose from Pietradolce Archineri to Etna Rosso Vigna Barbagalli, the best wines of Sicily and Etna. For a starter, we suggest trying the eggplant-based dish Parmigiana di Melanzane and then moving on to pasta Paccheri Freschi Alla Norma for a first course. For the second course, beef lovers may consider sampling the Tagliata di Manzo con Verdure Arrosto. To lighten things up after the second course, have a Insalata Mista. Finish with a sweet touch of a Crostatina con Crema a Limone e Frutta. 

This resort may be best described as a secret—the kind of place to escape in style. Here, quietness is in abundance and so is one’s privacy. Let the comfort and luxury of Boutique Resort Donna Carmela and its views of the Mediterranean coastline guide you to ultimate relaxation.  



Zash & Zash

Tired of your daily routine? Up for treasure hunting? Being at the crossroads and crucible of Mediterranean culture, Sicily is a treasury to be discovered. If you need a cozy yet luxurious outpost for culinary and sightseeing delights, consider Zash Country Boutique Hotel & Spa. Located on the beautiful Lemon Riviera between Taormina and Mount Etna, and built with the message of relaxation in mind, the hotel is a collection of small country houses that are geared toward making its guests experience a home-like feeling. 

Entering the estate, you will be amused by the calm ambience and the quality of living spaces. Guests have three options of quarters to choose from: The House, the Wine Cellar and The Green. The three-storied House encompasses two suites, each providing a different experience with a united goal to make your stay memorable. For those looking to reside in one of the suites, there is so much offered. Located on the first floor of The House, the Grand Suite consists of two large rooms, each with its own private bathroom, overlooking both the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taormina. Every detail, including high ceilings, volcanic-stoned accents on the fireplace and décor, is placed to make the space stand out. For an ultimate naturalistic experience, Suite, located also in The House, is the reasonable choice. In this suite, the views of Mount Etna seem closer than from any other room due to the multiple mirrors placed throughout. Themes of both elegance and serenity may be traced within its glass interiors.  

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In Zash Country Boutique Hotel & Spa, wine cellars are not just for wine, but for guests to stay. Transformed into a modern space for relaxation, Wine Cellar, previously the rusty wine-vault, is adjacent to The House and includes a three-room lodging space. Another option is the Green Room, where you can practically extend your hand from the window or massive glass doors and pick a fresh orange from the garden. Implying the feeling of relaxation with every detail of its interior design, the three-room minimalistic space is entirely painted in grey. 

Indulge in a delicious dining experience with the hotel’s signature restaurant. Hypnotizing its guests with its rustic appearance, the restaurant is in what was previously known as the wine chamber. The restaurant’s interior design, finished in an intimate palette of colors and shapes, inevitably sparks romance. Talented Chef Giuseppe Raciti and his team have made the restaurant known for its ability to slow things down and to take the entire experience in. A moment here is never wasted; rather, it is a chance to not only ignite something new but also to simply reflect on being there.

At the spacious Spa, located close to The House, guests can relax on a massage table, leaving all their worries behind. The combination of nature and the wine cellar ambience, where the spa is also located, is a wonderful combination for your comfort. Along with the sauna available for guests at the Spa, hammam has the orange bloom scent for complete relaxation.

Not interested in a massage or indoor heat? On a great sunny day, nothing is sweeter than to take a swim in the resort’s outside pool. Designed with volcanic stones and a wooden deck on its edges, the hotel’s pool has Mountain Etna’s touch. Along with sunbeds and chaise-lounges available for your comfort, the rectangular pool is surrounded with shrubs that provide shade and privacy. A bar by the pool serves traditional and modern drinks with a twist, providing a refreshing experience as well as shelter from the burning sunrays. For night owls, the pool is available 24 hours and is illuminated with floor spotlights, providing a lovely glow for your aqueous night out.  

Zash Country Boutique Hotel & Spa is a marvelous place to visit, both for business and leisure. Located in the Sicilian countryside, the hotel presents a great opportunity to take a break from your daily routine in style.


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