TOTO: Luxurious Safe Space

TOTO: Luxurious Safe Space

The majority of people consider bathrooms to be one of the most important parts of the house. Offering a momentary space of solitude as well as a...

The majority of people consider bathrooms to be one of the most important parts of the house. Offering a momentary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stresses of the day with a hot shower or relaxing bath, the bathroom is much more than just another room in the house; it is a safe space. TOTO too believes a high-quality bathroom is an experience and an everyday luxury people value and appreciate. Recently, TOTO, the recognized leader in innovation, technology, performance, and design, with products that enhance the luxury bathroom experience, introduced new IoT-connected smart products for your safe space. The latest additions to the company's inventory include the sublime Flotation Tub and a new sensor-operated auto-flush feature for toilet models. 

Many dreamed at least once about becoming an astronaut and being in outer space in a state of levitation while contemplating trillions of stars and planets. By offering you a weightless experience that eliminates the mechanical load on your joints, TOTO's Flotation Tub is a nostalgic ode to your childhood dreams of the space program. After 10 years of research on the relaxing effect of bathing, biomechanics, neuroscience, and ergonomics, TOTO discovered the unique body posture where reclining stabilizes the body's posture as the hips, knees, and ankles are flexed, simulating zero gravity. This bathing posture deeply relaxes the mind and body. According to TOTO, cerebral blood flow studies showed reduced brain activity while using the tub. Now, bathers may immerse in a truly meditative moment of relaxation enhanced by a special massage that produces a therapeutic flow of warm air bubbles enveloping the entire body. The height-adjustable Neck Spa provides a flow of warm water circulating around your neck and shoulders whilst massage jets mimic real hands massaging your lower back. The wonderful invention is under your command with all functions easily operated with the control panel on the inside of the tub. 

Ever wanted to have a hands-free experience with your toilet? For its popular line of WASHLET+ Toilets, TOTO Introduced the latest high-tech flushing technology. Aimes, Legato, Nexus, and Connelly toilets now feature TORNADO flushing technology, which maximizes cleaning and uses water more effectively. Extremely important for water conservation, WASHLET+ Aquia IV Dual Flush models were upgraded to offer DYNAMAX TORNADO, enabling users to select the level of water used each time the toilet is flushed. Speaking of a clean and fresh bowl, the overwhelmingly smooth CEFIONTECT nanotechnology glaze prevents particulate matter from adhering to the bowl's surfaces. TOTO's PreMist function sprays CEFIONTECT glaze with tap water prior to use, reducing waste by 80% and keeping grime from sticking. After each flush, EWATER+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, keeping the bowl cleaner longer with fewer chemicals emitted into the environment. 

Every toilet needs a bidet seat to feel less lonely. Nearly 40 years ago, TOTO introduced WASHLET, a luxurious bidet seat that provides consumers with an effective and comfortable personal cleansing. Since then, TOTO has been selling over 1 million WASHLETS each year worldwide. Building on its original concept, TOTO presented the newest invention. Featuring warm, aerated water for cleaning, along with a warm air dryer, heated seat, auto open and close, in-bowl catalytic deodorizer, and energy- and water-saving functions, WASHLET S550e is TOTO's new auto-flush bidet seat.   

Did you know the average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom? We suggest you spend your time in comfort and luxury with TOTO, the winner of numerous awards and the provider of the ultimate bathing experience.   

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