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BLK/OPL: Shop For a Cause

BLK/OPL: Shop For a Cause











BLK/OPL, the global brand that re-defined beauty for women of color, is combining beauty and philanthropy with the launch of their 2019 online campaign SHOP FOR A CAUSE: The AKSANTI Collection.

AKSANTI, which means “Thank you” in Swahili, includes two gift sets curated by international super model, philanthropist and BLK/OPL Global Brand Ambassador, Noella Coursaris. Twenty five percent of the proceeds from the sales of this collection will benefit Coursaris’ charitable organization, Malaika, which empowers Congolese girls and their communities through education, health and art programs.

The MAISHA and MALAIKA Gift Sets of the AKSANTI collection evoke the authenticity of our sisterhood. Both names were specially selected by the school staff and children of the MALAIKA organization with commissioned illustrations by French-Congolese Artist, Nicholle Kobi.

MAISHA and MALAIKA present dazzling arrays of neutral yet radiant shades and supremely vibrant, pigment-packed hues. Each gift set includes a 6-well mirrored eyeshadow palette, full size crème lipstick, liquid lipstick and crème highlighter.

“I’ve been working on AKSANTI for almost a year and it brings me such joy to finally be able to share it with everyone,” says Noella Coursaris, BLK/OPL Global Brand Ambassador. “Like BLK/OPL, Malaika works to empower girls and their communities to self-express through beauty, education and art. It was only natural that we continue our ongoing relationship and provide a tangible item that encompasses it.”

To further underscore the Congolese influence, Kobi created custom illustrations for the packaging, embodying the commonality between BLK/OPL and the country that sparked the collection: its bold spirit, authenticity, heritage and sisterhood.

“Thank you, BLK/OPL, for including me in this wonderful project. This collaboration is very special to me. To know that my artwork will help generate funds to educate young girls through Malaika is an immense source of joy and pride,” says artist, Nicholle Kobi. “My goal has always been to create imagery that young girls and women of color can relate to and be inspired by. It is such a privilege to have my illustrations serve as a visual representation of BLK/OPL’s SHOP FOR A CAUSE initiative.”



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MAISHA, which means “Life” in Swahili, offers “keep-it-real” shades with just enough fire and shimmer to celebrate life. The collection includes new BLK/OPL UKWELI (“Truth” in Swahili) Eyeshadow Palette – which speaks to our natural and authentic goddess with shades of amber and umber, bestowing a luxe nude to play up the eyes.



Also included in the Maisha Gift Set are:

  • BLK/OPL COLORSPLURGETM Patent Lips in Copper Tone
  • BLK/OPL COLORSPLURGETM Risqué Crème Lipstick in Bon Bon
  • BLK/OPL TRUE COLOR® Illuminating Stick in Sunrise Glow.MALAIKA, which means “Angel” in Swahili, is a vibrant set of pigment-packed shades that celebrate fierce individuality and self-expression. With key new product, BLK/OPL UZURI (“Beauty” in Swahili) Eyeshadow Palette, to up your glam game with tones of revved up turquoise, misty teal and shimmery crystal. 


    Also included in the Malaika Gift Set are:

  • BLK/OPL COLORSPLURGETM Patent Lips in Dynamo
  • BLK/OPL COLORSPLURGETM Risqué Matte Lipstick in Vampy Red
  • BLK/OPL TRUE COLOR® Illuminating Stick in Nude GlowBLK/OPL SHOP FOR A CAUSE campaign featuring the AKSANTI Collection launches exclusively on on April 22, 2019. The MAISHA and MALAIKA Gift Sets will retail for $35.00; the UZURI and UKWELI Eyeshadow Palettes for $15.00.For more information on BLK/OPL SHOP FOR A CAUSE: The AKSANTI Collection, and follow @BlackOpalBeauty on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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