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DRS. RAMTIN & SHEILA KASSIR: Plastic Surgery’s Power Couple

DRS. RAMTIN & SHEILA KASSIR: Plastic Surgery’s Power Couple



When it comes to the perfect marriage and making their patients look picture perfect, Dr. Sheila Kassir and her husband, Dr. Ramtin Kassir, make it all look perfectly easy! With multiple offices and a new medical aesthetic spa called INSIDE BEAUTY on Park Avenue, this plastic surgery power couple is using the latest technologies as well as their own skin care products to build a global beauty brand.


Dr. Sheila Kassir, who is already making a big impression in the plastic surgery field, also made a lasting impression on her well-known husband who she first met at an international conference – it was love at first facelift lecture!  


“I went to medical school and did my Plastic Surgery residency in Germany, where I’m from. Two years before I met my husband, I was working in Switzerland in the department of plastic-reconstructive-and hand surgery. Then I attended an international scientific meeting about facial plastic surgery in Tehran in order to learn more about facial aesthetics.



The keynote speaker was lecturing about facelifts and I was in the audience. I asked him a question afterwards and that’s how we first met. A little over a year later we were married!


The multi-talented and masterful Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who was born in Iran and grew up in Texas, has been focused on facelifts and other plastic procedures, including his most common and trademarked surgery, the Designer Rhinoplasty®, for over two decades. Many of Dr. Kassir’s family members are also in the medical field, including his father, who was a pediatrician. He explained that having his life partner also be his partner in the practice is pretty perfect because “she’s been trained in body and microvascular surgery and hand surgery, so she’s added a lot of specialties.” 


“Many patients ask us how it feels to work together as a couple and I just have to say that we really enjoy it,” added Dr. Sheila Kassir. “Every patient is really like a piece of art or project that we can work on together and that makes it so special for both of us.”



The couple is also expanding and recently set up INSIDE BEAUTY – a world class medical spa dedicated to nonsurgical facial and body rejuvenation for those patients who are not quite ready for surgery. Here is where beauty meets science and patient needs meet cutting edge technology, all without surgery.


A team of beauty, medical and wellness professionals are ready to transform your appearance with advanced technologies and attentive, personalized care. With their energy devices devised to provide full face and body rejuvenation, you can realize your full beauty potential without the pain!  


Their one of a kind practice features EMSculpt, the brand new technology which gives you the so-called steel body treatment – the six pack in twenty minutes.  



 “I mean 20,000 sit ups in 30 minutes, when can you do that? Never! We also have the Exilis, the non-surgical facelift, and it’s the only machine that combines ultrasound with radio frequency, that’s why it’s so efficient. We have a holistic approach to everything which is why we also offer pre and post surgical treatments to enhance and maintain your results. These range from scar creams, LED light, medical grade skin care, microneedling and microblading to IV infusions of vitamins, hormone replacement and oxygen therapy.”


This aesthetically pleasing center for all things pertaining to aesthetics features non-invasive procedures which will have you looking and feeling like a whole new person – no recovery time required! Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who continues to lecture and instruct others on how to refine their surgical techniques, is ready to have his patients take these new technologies for a test drive, especially the EMSella:


“Everything is there including the high-end technology which is electromagnetic waves that are used on muscle to tighten and build muscle all over your body. That same technology, called EMSella, is used on the pelvis for incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation. It’s been called the “Kegel Throne”! You simply sit on the chair and the treatment is started without even taking off your clothes. Like with EMSculpt, there is no down time, no pain, and no recovery.” 


When it comes to making sure her patients put their best and most beautiful face forward, the dedicated Dr. Sheila Kassir explained that “I’m different because I’m very honest. I tell my patients what I think is manageable and what I wouldn’t recommend, and they really appreciate that candor.” 


Dr. Kassir, who has become a global beauty guru – she travels around the world lecturing at scientific meetings and talking about what real beauty is and how beauty standards have changed globally. Social media plays a big role. It causes many new trends but also helps give an understanding of different beauty standards in different cultures. “When you’re looking at Asian role models on social media, they want to look very slim with no curves, plus they like to have pale skin and red lips. In the US, contrary to Asian role models, the ultimate role model is very curvy but has a slim waist. How can you do this without any help?”


“When I’m here, people ask me about the European trends of beauty, and when I’m in Europe, people ask me about the newest technology and trends in the US, so we decided to open INSIDE BEAUTY and kind of merge all the global trends and offer the best procedures of different parts of the world. 


Her husband has also noticed how specialty and niche surgeries are growing exceedingly common due to online platforms, as well as how patients come in knowing exactly what they want after doing their own research. Dr. Kassir explained that “social media in the last five years has really popularized a lot of plastic surgeries and Instagram is a megaphone. They follow your page and request very specific things and that didn’t happen 23 years ago when I started my practice.”


Dr. Sheila Kassir, who grew up in Germany to Persian parents, compared how clients in her native country perceive procedures versus those in America and said that “in general, people here are very well informed about plastic surgery procedures.  In Germany, I see more patients who come in and ask for my opinion on what I think they should do to look fresher and younger, while in the US people come in and say I want my lips done, I want a slimmer waist and I want a D cup.”


With two young children and two practices in New Jersey located in Ridgewood and Wayne, as well as their Upper East Side surgical center and spa and another space opening soon in Munich so that they can have a European base, this couple has grown their family as fast as their famed plastic surgery practice. 



“We were engaged after two months and married after nine months, and nine months later we had my daughter and then a boy, he’s almost 2 and she’s 3. It’s the best adventure of my life. My mom is here and she’s the best help, I can’t imagine leaving them with anybody else but my mom when I’m at work.”


Though he always loved to draw, Dr. Kassir’s main artistic hobby aside from plastic surgery was clay sculpting, and you can even see some of his pieces in the office! Though he might expertly sculpt faces and clay, he explained that “my best work is going to be my kids, they are my masterpieces.” 


These doctors do indeed keep it all in the family – a tremendously talented and tight family.  Their posh Upper East Side clientele, which includes many celebrities and actresses looking to this dynamo doctor duo to make their features appear as flawless as possible, get everything from PRP to non-surgical rhinoplasties, one of the most common procedures at the practice, according to Dr. Sheila Kassir. “It’s a painless ten minute procedure pioneered by my husband in 2006 – and you walk out with a new nose.” 


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This family practice is also composed of Dr. Kassir’s brother, a dermatologist who frequently comes in from Texas, plus staff who have become like family, including an OB-GYN working in female rejuvenation, as well as a nutritionist. They are also known in the city for the bridal packages that they offer – a feature which was inspired by Dr. Kassir’s own experience of trying to find the best places to prep for her big day. 


Aside from being a dermatologist, Dr. Kassir’s brother also has his own laser school with students from all over, so they are hoping to establish something in the New York center as well. Dr. Ramtin Kassir explained that “we have lasers but want to make it more didactic.  Inside Beauty will have the latest in lasers to serve all needs, from facial rejuvenation to body rejuvenation.”


Dr. Sheila Kassir, her husband and her brother-in-law, recently re-launched their wildly successful skincare line together which they sell worldwide, including in their online store. Dr. Sheila Kassir says she’s always been obsessed with skincare and trying to find the perfect formula. The newest addition to their skincare line is the “Body Retinol.” “Retinol is the only scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient, but it only existed for the face, it never existed for the body and the hands. You want your skin to match the results of the surgical or nonsurgical body treatments that we offer, that’s why we developed “Body Retinol,” which became our top seller.


“We’re trying to navigate that and be able to distribute that because we have such high demand. With patients from 130 countries, they want skincare products that they can trust, especially products that they can also use along with surgical or non-surgical procedures to maintain their results,” added her husband. 


When it comes to the future of looking fabulous, Dr. Ramtin Kassir explained that research is currently centered around things like breaking down nanofat into single fat cells, as well as stromal fat cells and stem cells and injecting them into parts of the body you’re trying to improve. “In 15 to 20 years it’s going to be all about robots and how robots have changed medicine, including plastic surgery. Fifty years from now someone is going to wake up and say I’m going to use some nanobots today,” he said.  Regardless of new beauty breakthroughs, Dr. Ramtin Kassir is also certain that the driving force behind the determination to stay beautiful will never change. After all, he believes that it’s all about “morphological freedom” and the desire to feel in control, especially as you get older and start losing your looks. 

Dr. Sheila Kassir also enjoys giving back while learning about other cultures and is very involved with Interplast, a nonprofit organization which sends doctors to different countries, including Iran. While in Iran, Dr. Kassir worked on burns and cleft lips. When they’re not beautifying the world, Dr. Sheila Kassir and her husband find a way to make time for quality family time. From visiting the Museum of Natural History on the weekends with their kids to traveling across Europe, this plastic surgery power couple is more empowered than ever. 



799 Park Ave.


[email protected]



799 Park Ave.


[email protected] 

Follow them on Instagram @drkassir @sheila_malek @insidebeautyspa


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