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Spring is a change that floats in the air, piercing hearts and souls and inspiring renewal. Celebrate springtime, and let your floral inner-self bloom in harmony with your appearance, but do it right. Experience the majestic transformation of your winter look with a virtuoso of style and technique by contemporary hair stylist Federico Calce. 


Located in the heart of Manhattan, next to Central Park, Federico Salon & Spa is one of its kind in the city, boasting a chic vibe and European flair in an upscale setting. Federico Calce has gathered a crew of international talents who are artists in cutting, coloring, hair extensions, and beyond. Famed hairstylist Federico has created enchanting looks for many A-listers and runway models for Fendi, Valentino, Armani, and Oscar de la Renta. 


Federico Salon & Spa takes pride in its superior hair services. Do you want to turn into a red-head, a blonde or a brunette? Consider getting your hair colored at Federico. The salon partners with Tocco Magico, the original organic hair coloring line, which uses only the highest quality ingredients, imported straight from the Apennine Peninsula. If you’d like to bring out the best in your curls, the salon will help you out. The fusion of Federico’s unique technique and innovative CURL MOJO products that enhance curls with moisture, definition, shine and bounce, while providing frizz-control, creates a hairy miracle. For those who are ready to give vows at the altar, the salon offers a bridal tryout where Federico and his team go through different looks to find the perfect balance between modern chic looks and classic elegance. To avoid messy hair days, check out a fitting session at a quality hair extensions salon. Conditioning is also available on site, as well as special occasion updos for luxurious cocktail parties and evening dress type night outs. 


Besides hair services, Federico Salon & Spa has a designated space for spa, which offers its clientele an array of beauty options, such as waxing, facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. Late for your makeover appointment or struggling with self-makeup? The salon’s team will be happy to turn you into Cinderella, ready for the ball and your handsome prince. 


Make sure to book in advance. The place is frequently packed with beautiful people.


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Look and feel like a million dollars with Federico Salon & Spa.



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