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TOM DAVIES: The Knight of Luxurious Order

TOM DAVIES: The Knight of Luxurious Order


Seeking for a pair of new glasses? Look no further than premium bespoke eyewear by Tom Davies, the brand that truly deserves to be bestowed with the knighthood of luxury. The principles behind the product are to fit, form and function in the best way possible. Established in 2002, Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians has been revolutionizing the eyewear market for years with its couture-inspired vision.


Tom Davies focuses entirely on the needs and desires of its customers and creates perfectly fitting and unique eyewear for no less unique personalities. The brand is all about high-quality materials such as Silver 925, pure titanium, natural horn and exceptional acetate, making its services undoubtedly one of a kind. To ensure the highest degree of comfort, the best look and a completely personalized experience, the brand holds bespoke design consultations, during which the members of the staff get to know customers. After the session, the design consultant takes a series of measurements along with photographs to make sure the frames will fit. The data is then sent to the design studio where it is processed and submitted to Tom Davies’ newly opened London factory. All the frames are handmade by artisans under rigorous supervision to become luxurious eyewear, the artistic masterpiece of craftsmanship. The name of the customers is then engraved discreetly on the inside of the temple arm. Tom’s commitment to perfection and ageless customized frames have conquered him a remarkable fanbase from high profile A-list figures like Ed Sheeran, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Rita Ora and Heston Blumenthal to sophisticated private clients.



Filled with arcade game machines, spacious bar space and a massage room, the Tom Davies bespoke eyewear factory seems like an optical version of Silicon Valley. A couple of years ago, the brand transferred its factory from China to London, England. The reason for moving was to bring excellence to the native doorstep, creating jobs for local artisans while maintaining and maybe even improving the quality of eyewear. Tom is doing a lot of training personally with his UK staff at his new factory in West London that will entirely manufacture the latest sunglasses collection. 


There are currently five Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians in London and none in the U.S., but with rapid expansion undergoing worldwide this year, the brand expects to be bringing over 10,000 pairs of frames per month from the British site to your doorstep. 



Nobody knows what to expect from the upcoming collection, but judging by past majestic eyewear models such as 18-carat gold sunglasses with gold-plated lenses and salmon skin baked over buffalo horns, the brand will surely surprise its customers. Behold the knight of luxurious order, Tom Davies, creating new pairs of splendid glasses with the most personal touch you can get. 

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There are 400 independent opticians in the US offering a simpler Tom Davies Bespoke service called Custom. This can be done with any Tom Davies ready to wear collection and then having the frames re-made to fit the customers’ features. All stockists are on


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