Be treated like a king or queen during your stay at the Castello di Petroia, a XII century medieval fortress in the unparalleled setting of Umbria...

Be treated like a king or queen during your stay at the Castello di Petroia, a XII century medieval fortress in the unparalleled setting of Umbria. This castle, which was once the home of many noble families as well as the birthplace of the most well-known Duke of Italy, Federico da Montefelro, can now be your home away from home during your stay in the most picturesque part of Italy known as The Green Heart of Italy – you will definitely fall in love with the lush landscape and regal rooms.

You might feel like a princess during your stay but you definitely won't need to be a damsel in distress when your every whim is catered to by the castle's staff. Within this fabulous and fully functioning fortress you will find the Medieval Tower with a top terrace, the Castellare Maggiore, the main structure where the noble family apartments used to be, and a smaller building known as the Castellare Minore, the former living quarters of the guardians of the castle. This imposing castle was restored between 1982 and 1990 in order to preserve the authentic medieval structure, so you can slumber in a space steeped in rich and royal history. Set on a hilltop between Perugia and Gubbio, the property offers a picturesque view of the surrounding countryside. The region is also home to charming stone towns as well as famed cashmere and pottery crafts, plus wine and olive oil experiences.

Rest like royalty in one of the castle's 15 bedrooms which still have original wooden beams, painted ceilings, antique furnishings, stone arches and painted ceilings. For a regal yet romantic room, book one of the four Suites Imperiale, which include elegant décor, dark wood and luxurious bathrooms with a pearl mosaic tile shower and round Jacuzzi.  You can even choose between a traditional four poster bed or more modern touches in the two top floor Suites Reale which also feature a mansard ceiling and overlook the inner courtyard and watch tower. If you want to lounge around in luxury, the Suites Ducale are for you! With XVI century wooden beams, original furniture and dressers, plus en-suite living halls and large bedrooms, these sweet suites are perfect for families. For a good night's sleep Middle Ages style, stay in the Medieval Tower, situated in the upper part of the fortress with views of the entire valley. Feel like a nobleman in the elegant and pastel painted Bedrooms Nobiliare, which feature either a wrought iron bed from the 19th century or a 18th century hand painted one complete with wooden columns. If you really want to feel like you're living in a fairytale, stay in the Bedroom Signorile, the peach toned former Lady of the Castle's bedroom.  With an antique double bed and gold finishes, stretch out in style!

Dig into delicious dishes in the romantic, candle-lit Castello di Petroia restaurant in the Accomanducci Hall, where your palate will be pleased with genuine Umbrian recipes and medieval inspired menus. All of Chef Walter Passeri's culinary creations, such as the Chianini Veal Sirloin with Peck salts and Petroia extra virgin olive oil, will taste even better amidst your surroundings of original stone walls and wooden timber ceilings.  It doesn't get more farm to table fresh than at the castle, where their meats come right from their own breeding farm. The mix flowered honey, truffle and extra virgin olive oil also come directly from the farm or on the grounds of the estate. If you really want to go back in time, try the medieval dishes including Stuffed Pigeon, specially prepared Chicken Livers and Bigonza, a typical 16th century favorite. If you want to cook some of Chef Passeri's original recipes for friends and family back home, you can take a cooking class and learn how to make centuries-old creations and traditional sauces, pasta and desserts.

From curated meats to croissants, plus jams which are from the castle grounds, start your day off with a healthy and homemade breakfast buffet which is included in your room rate. The historic Guidubaldo Hall still retains authentic Renaissance charm, with original fireplaces, oak beams and 18th century windows, and serves as the perfect spot for afternoon tea or private events.

With 600 acres, you can explore this piece of heaven on horseback with the horses at their Friesian stable, or go truffle hunting with their professional black truffle hunting dogs – the chef will even prepare a special dinner with your truffle treasures!  Whether you want to soak up the sun in the pool just outside the castle walls which is surrounded by roses or sit under an ancient olive tree, you will be able to unwind in their untouched wilderness. For the ultimate outdoor peaceful experience, follow the trails and you'll find the famous Franciscan Path of Peace, which connects the town of Assisi to Gubbio. The Castellodi Petroia Farm is known for its "chianina" veal cattle, a well-known breed from the Ancient Romans which today is valuable veal meat which you can sample in the restaurant.  During autumn harvest season, their cold press oil mill turns handpicked olives into L'oro de Petroja," their extra virgin olive oil. You might even find some olive chocolates on your bed and can also get an in-room olive oil massage – with each drop of olive oil, you'll feel your tensions melting away!

While you might already feel like a star staying at this palatial property, this summer's Astronomical Barbeques will feature experts from Astronomitaly who will give you a real view of the constellations and galaxies.  After all, with a sky that is so dark they have received a gold certification from Astrononomitaly and world class Umbrian fare, you'll want to book a stay at the castle in time for one of these barbeques!

Say "I do" in one of their suites, on the terrace with a white stone piazza, or in their romantic restaurant. From floral decorations to live music and fireworks shows, the staff will make your wedding, reunions, retreats or romantic getaways royally spectacular!

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