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The real heart and soul of Italy is in the South. Renowned and delicious cuisine, ruby bold and sweet wine and unique landscapes are all essential components of the southern parts including Napoli and Sicily.  Still, there is no better place to start your cultural exploration of the Apennine Peninsula than in beautiful Positano. Located on the outskirts of Naples, Positano is a cliffside village, a gem waiting to be found, and Le Sirenuse is one of the best places to stay in this scenic region.


Considered to be one of the most comfortable and elegant hotels in Positano, Le Sirenuse is situated in a beautiful eighteenth-century mansion on a rocky slope leading down to a picturesque pebble beach. At Le Sirenuse you will always be welcomed with excellent service and exquisite cuisine – it’s no surprise that the hotel was awarded the title of “Best European Hotel” two decades ago. Le Sirenuse still belongs to the descendants of Sersale, who throughout all these years, have honored the traditions of hospitality which thrived in their family for years. Ancient legend says that Poseidon founded Positano as it was meant to be a present to the nymph Pasithea, for only this majestic town could compare to her beauty.  Positano is known for its nature and colorful houses decorated with majolica, piled on top of each other, offering breathtaking views of the sea. Make sure to visit archipelago Li Galli, where, according to Homer, the renowned nymphs with the sweetest voices on earth once lived. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to walk the path of the gods, boasting astonishing views.


Le Sirenuse takes pride in its spacious rooms and suites which are richly decorated with antiques, picturesque canvases and watercolors, carved wooden furniture and elegant statues which create an unusually cozy and festive atmosphere. The on-property restaurant, La Splonda, offers the very best of Italian and international delights. This Michelin-starred spot features light Mediterranean cuisine which incorporates the freshest local ingredients inspired by the culinary traditions of the Amalfi Coast and Naples.  You are sure to have an illuminating evening, as you will be surrounded by hundreds of candles – you will really be living la dolce vita when you dig into their delectable dishes and sweet desserts!  In the summertime, guests are welcome to dine on their beautiful terrace, where they can enjoy an enchanting panorama of Positano with its magnificent baroque houses as well as the city’s cathedral. 


The hotel also features a spacious pool surrounded by lemon trees, comfortable chairs and sun beds. On the wall of the picturesque grotto, two mysterious sirens made of mosaic beckon guests to plunge into the cool waters. The Aveda Wellness Center offers a wide range of services, from massage to beauty treatments based on Ayurvedic traditions. If you are up for a seaside adventure, climb aboard the Sant’Antonio, an old wooden vessel that cruises daily along the Amalfi Coast. You can also hit the on-property gym, play tennis, and practice diving or non-motorized water sports.



The beauty and unforgettable landscapes of Positano have to be seen to be believed, and Le Sirenuse Positano is the most stylish place to stay when you come to explore this enchanting town! 

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