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Delsey Paris Speaks Up: The Iconic French Brand Has Just Launched Their New Ad Campaign!

Delsey Paris Speaks Up: The Iconic French Brand Has Just Launched Their New Ad Campaign!

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Paris , France

For over 70 years DELSEY Paris, has been creating well thought out luggage with smart features, to simplify travel. Now, the brand has just launched their new ad campaign, with commercials developed in collaboration with Favorite Production, positioning DELSEY Paris as a brand and an organization that facilitates the frequent travels of today’s world, while reinforcing their expert French knowledge of masterly, elegant luggage.


Available on digital and social media, this communications campaign upholds DELSEY PARIS’s ambition to highlight the brand’s expertise in terms of product design and innovation.


These six ads, filmed in the heart of the French capital, humanize the brand’s values: French elegance, proximity, and trust.  They underline the ever smarter features of DELSEY PARIS creations – ease of movement, security, and the quality of the equipment (including digital scales, washable and removable linings, and outside pockets) – that all contribute to smooth mobility with no hitches.


“In an age of hyper-mobility, the way in which travelers are equipped can be just as much a speed hindrance as a speed advantage. At Delsey Paris, we put all our heart and effort into designing and making well-thought-out products: luggage that adapts to every different trip and closely tracks the movements, speed and path of the traveler, no matter what the form of transport. We provide the right solution in terms of security, manoeuvrability, lightness and toughness, enabling the traveler to serenely pass from one environment to another and welcome each fresh departure as a new experience. This is what we wanted to illustrate through our sketches, by showing the ease and calmness of the Delsey Paris traveler.” — Valérie Chebassier, Digital & Marketing Director at DELSEY PARIS.


• The digital campaign will air for 34 days, from 28 May to 30 June 2019.
• Digital and social media will be used to reach 25-49-year-olds in particular, and will transmit commercial offers.
• This communication plan will be developed internationally, specifically in Europe, the United States, India, and Asia.


DELSEY PARIS is a French luggage brand founded in 1946. For 70 years, DELSEY PARIS has been offering customers luggage designs that combine quality and security with a distinct style. The brand creates innovative luggage designs that accompany travelers from all over the world on both their personal and business travels. Drawing on its solid expertise, the brand has major innovations to its name that ensure greater ease of use (such as the Trolley system launched in 1972), as well as increased luggage security (such as the patented break resistant Securitech® zip). DELSEY PARIS thus combines functionality and style for luggage that truly reflects the personalities of all types of travelers. DELSEY PARIS has a presence in 110 countries across five continents to ensure uninterrupted service to all its customers.


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