Sculpt Your Summer Body with Emsculpt



Summer is finally here, but don’t fear, you can still get beach body ready at Precision Aesthetics, which offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures.  From Botox to a Black Tie Facial Treatment, you will get precisely the results you want at Precision Aesthetics! Aside from Lip Augmentation, Acoustic Wave Therapy and all the fillers you need to keep yourself looking fabulous all sum mer long, they are the only ones to offer a combination therapy.  This pioneering practice which promises perfection – at least when it comes to their procedures – is led by Dr. Lisa Zdinak, who uses her own specialized techniques along with the latest technologies to make you toned and tight!  

Precision Aesthetics, which comes in first for personalized care, was the first facility in New York City to upgrade to the newest Thermage CPT system, in addition to offering new facial treatment tips which will give you the most comfortable and contoured body shaping experience of your life.  They also offer the CO2Touch, or Brazilian carboxytherapy, which delivers a continuous stream of gently heated gas that is adjustable for added patient safety and comfort. Dr. Zdinak even uses revolutionizing techniques to treat stretch marks, producing radical results which you won’t find anywhere else.


If you’re looking for a non-surgical fat-reducing procedure, they have also introduced Emsculpt, which requires no downtime – that means you can spend more time down at the beach!  Not only does it implode fat cells, but Emsculpt also helps define your abs by building up muscle fibers. It is also the first device of its kind which works out the underlying muscle – you will start to see your fat fading away fast! Four sessions are usually recommended for the ultimate summer ready results, and in just a couple of weeks, your ab defined dreams will be a reality.



Forget about intense workouts, just relax in the Emsculpt chair as that electromagnetic energy works its magic! It can also help you get a rounder rear without destroying the shape-enhancing fat in the area. On your way to perfect abs, you will experience your muscles contracting a hundred times in a couple of seconds to a thousand times in a couple of seconds, so get ready for your new bionic body. By treating yourself to this revolutionary treatment, you will burn fat and build muscles – and a more confident you!





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