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Hair Repair Bar: Repair First, Style Second

Hair Repair Bar: Repair First, Style Second





What differentiates Hair Repair Bar from other hair salons?


At Hair Repair Bar by Giojé™ hair health comes first, creating beautiful, stylish looks while restoring and resuscitating the hair from root-to-tip. A full-service hair salon, we feature stylists trained to identify distressed hair and scalp conditions and repair them with organic, naturally invigorating solutions. Using an exclusively curated selection of organic essential oil blends, steam moisturizing technology, heat-safe equipment, and the Giojé natural keratin product line, Hair Repair Bar by Giojé personalizes hair health and styling solutions for all hair types.



How do you diagnose people’s hair? What’s the process?

Essential Oils have been used to treat a variety of hair and scalp conditions since ancient times. Their restorative properties come from their many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are unique to each essential oil type.

Hair or scalp repair therapy involves the application of organic essential oils to the hair or scalp and activating their restorative properties, nutrients, and minerals under steam, which infuses moisture and allows the oils to penetrate each hair strand and follicle. The hair and scalp are then washed using Giojé’s professional sulfate-free keratin line shampoo and conditioner, leaving the hair silky smooth, soft, and manageable. Finally, a heat safe blow dry and style and you are on your way to healthier, amazing hair.


How should people prep for summer humidity?

For the really muggy days, prepare to wear your hair up. Check your drawer for stylish yet hair safe accessories like pins and soft elastics that won’t pull relentlessly.  If you prefer to wear your hair down, use our light weight Keratin Gloss Serum that will keep your hair protected from the sun and control the fly-aways. Hats are great for protecting the hair and scalp from sun damage – just make sure they are breathable. 

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