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Tom Milana Jr.: on a Mission With Man Cave Health

Tom Milana Jr.: on a Mission With Man Cave Health




From trying to get men to see their doctor to making them feel comfortable with his Man Cave Health concept, a place where men battling prostate cancer can  receive care and support amidst sports memorabilia, a flat-screened television and a coffee and tea bar, Tom Milana Jr. is revolutionizing the healthcare experience for men and helping them realize the importance of early detection. 


After being diagnosed with prostate cancer a little over three years ago at the age of 48, Milana, who is married with five daughters, was cured after undergoing surgery.  While he had donated to numerous charities over the years, Milana knew that his family was going to have a new mission and have since raised funds and awareness though The Milana Family Foundation.  “After going through the process myself, I knew we had to help get men to go to the doctor and the healthcare profession doesn’t do anything to make the experience more enjoyable.” 



Aside from providing men who are undergoing treatment with a more relaxed environment complete with memorabilia from local sports teams, leather seating and masculine décor, Man Cave Health combines emotional support with educational resources.  Here, men are surrounded by a team of medical professionals, friends and advocates who are ready to help them take control of their healthcare journey so that they can come out stronger and healthier than ever.  It’s time to say goodbye to sterile clinical settings and step into the comfortable space envisioned by Milana. 



Man Cave health is twofold,” explained Milana.  “The Man Cave itself is meant to provide men and their spouses with a better experience when they go to the doctor.  It’s male friendly, it’s not your traditional waiting room.You can watch television, work on your tablet and look at some of the best sports memorabilia in the business. Women have a great support system and spa-like facilities, but men never had anything like that.  The environment we created is cool, but our main mission is to get men to go to the doctor. Every year, 30,000 men die from prostate cancer because they don’t know they have it.  Early detection is the key to a lot of diseases, but especially when it comes to prostate cancer because it’s so curable.” 


Through his life-saving efforts, Milana wants to make sure that men realize the importance of getting an annual exam and remain as comfortable as possible while receiving the best care in his sports themed spaces.   


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