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Triumph of Europe: An Iconic Lingerie Brand for Women of Today

Triumph of Europe: An Iconic Lingerie Brand for Women of Today






For over 130 years, Triumph has been known as the “maker of lingerie.” Remaining a family-owned business all these years, Triumph is trusted by women all around the world to make high-quality lingerie that they trust and love.


Providing the perfect fit and undeniable comfort is just as important to Triumph as considering how their products make women feel — inside and out. Their selection serves both a functional and stylish purpose, but more importantly, it helps to elicit a powerful sense of confidence.


Since its beginning, Triumph has created unprecedented innovations in the industry that were the first of its kind – many of which are now features most women could not imagine living without. These include elastic straps, molded cups, sports bras and, most recently, minimizer bras.


Triumph’s current Summer 2019 collection draws inspiration from the brand’s founding days, paired with elements of nature and time. Looking back and highlighting some of their most unique and special elements from their origin, Triumph rediscovered these key details or “treasures,” and has reinvented them in ways that perfectly suit the modern woman’s needs.



Moving away from heavily padded bras and hefty foam cups, the Summer 2019 collection celebrates the diversity of various body-types with lighter, softer styles that embrace one’s natural breast shape, while still prioritizing fit and style. To ensure the most comfortable fit, this collection features seamless bras, bralettes, and briefs manufactured with a 3D stretch fabric that elevates comfort and well-being to the highest standard.


Color plays an essential role in Triumph’s design process every season and for Summer 2019, hints of tranquil blue paired with feminine pink hues, add an elegant touch to the brand’s most coveted styles. The pink, in particular, was chosen as a way to embrace the new movement of femininity by redefining the color as an all-embracing tone.


Aside from adding these blue and pink shades to refresh classic styles, this season also unveils new collections, such as Triumph’s Contour Sensation series. This series revives archived detailing, as it incorporates embroidery details reminiscent of the corset with a contemporary twist. In order to ensure comfort and breathability, this shapewear line utilizes light spacer padding in its bras, as well as mesh detailing, for a seductive element. It also includes a range of panties that feature distinct panel-layering techniques to provide various levels of shaping strength, offering a style perfect for every woman.

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Triumph’s excellence lies in how they continue to address modern women’s needs and aspirations for lingerie, while still portraying their founding values throughout current products. This timeless, yet contemporary “maker of lingerie,” provides women the ability and opportunity to embrace their natural bodies, while unleashing their most confident selves in the lingerie they choose to wear.


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