Find Andean Style Flare at Wayku — Eclectic Latin Fusion Meets Traditional Culinary Tributes

Find Andean Style Flare at Wayku — Eclectic Latin Fusion Meets Traditional Culinary Tributes

If you've never experienced the flavors of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela under one roof, look no further. The 2,000-square-foot restaurant, which has indoor and outdoor seating, was opened in 2019 by restaurateur Diego D'Alvia — restaurateur and owner of La Morocho and Rex Best Chivito in Town in Buenos Aires. A gastronomic experience of Latin fusion, here Executive Chef Matteo Gritti uses his innovative cooking style to fuse traditional Andean fare with new modern techniques for a unique, borderless cuisine.

As D'Alvia tells it, Wayku rises from the respect and admiration its owners feel towards the Quechua culture and the Andean trilogy, where heaven, men — and Pacha Mama, or the Earth — are whole. As such, the restaurant and bar is inspired by the Andean mountain range while the eatery's experimental kitchen focuses on applying modern techniques to traditional Andean elements, creating a culinary experience that moves and breathes with the cycles of nature, taking advantage of the best ingredients of each season.

The team at Wayku aspires to what it calls "nomadic-inspired" cuisine. What does that mean? It means you can start with light dishes such as the Krunchies Tuber & Beet Hummus. You can hit the raw bar and order hot and cold fresh tapas. Want something cold? Try the Phantom Ceviche with Patagonia trout, vegetable pickles and green gazpacho which blends Spanish, Peruvian and Mexican flavors. Prefer hot tapas? Get the Arancini stuffed with goat cheese and burnt aioli.

In addition to its eccentric food offerings, Waku's esteem stems from its unique bar program. Inspired by the Andes, the program was created by Mona Gallosi, one of Buenos Aires' most celebrated bartenders, television and radio personalities. Also a consultant and entrepreneur, her libations compliment the food concept. The cocktails are driven by aroma and taste, as well as creativity, and have European and Asian influences that make up the fabric of Latin America.

Wayku Restaurant & Bar


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