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Latitude 45 Salmon a Fresh Fix for those Fishing for Versatile Holiday Fare

Latitude 45 Salmon a Fresh Fix for those Fishing for Versatile Holiday Fare

With holiday entertaining season officially underway, many foodies are mulling over menu options to serve as a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Gastronomes would do well to pick up a supply of Latitude 45 Smoked Salmon, which is one of my personal favorites for holiday entertaining—and to generally keep a watch on my waistline during the notoriously gluttonous holiday season.

Hailing from the pristine glacial-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia region, Latitude 45 offers the only smoked salmon in the market that’s smoked within 24 hours of leaving the water. And, for inquiring minds, the company is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4-star certified and OU Kosher.

The extreme freshness of Latitude 45 also helps ensure the company’s smoked salmon variety is mild-tasting on the palate, which makes it well-suited for gatherings—even including those who typically may not prefer fish … or seafood at large.

In fact, it’s so delicate and mild in taste that it pairs with just about everything and prep for throngs of delectable dishes is decidedly quick and easy. The brand has pre-sliced, ready-made smoked salmon loin that is ready to serve right out of the package, which you can readily pair with crackers, bagels and artisan breads. Combine with your favorite holiday spread and let the culinary magic ensue. A go-to for me is a simple champagne cream cheese spread with crackers, which instantly elevates the occasion in just about five minutes.

For those desiring more ingenuity for this versatile ingredient, Latitude 45 Salmon offers a wealth of recipes on their web site that are sure to satisfy.

Latitude 45 Salmon isn’t just a quick and easy pick for holiday entertaining and brunches, but also a healthy choice for light, protein-packed snacks that will help keep your energy up throughout the holiday season. This nutrient-rich salmon is a premier source of Omega 3s; Vitamins A through B12, D and E; Selenium and Iodine.

Culturally-driven, the company strives to pay homage to Patagonia’s rich culinary tradition and naturally-inspired ingredients in everything they do. This includes everything from raising salmon with nurturing care to implementing world-class, sustainable practices that support the environment. They’ve also notably created cold smoked and smoked roasted processes based on a meticulous craft for sourcing naturally-balanced woods that are grown locally to smoke their salmon.

Luckily, the brand is carried by many premier retailers far and wide. You can find a source near you using Latitude 45 Salmon’s online store locator. And, rest assured your salmon will arrive in top-quality form, as the company’s Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) employs an innovative, proprietary technique ensuring delivery of an easy-to-handle product throughout the world.

With a rich smoke heritage, Latitude 45’s premium, authentic salmon products enable endless palate-pleasing pairing options. It’s a stellar way to experience “Authentic seafood of Patagonia.”

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