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Emerging Trends In Technology That Will Dominate 2022

Emerging Trends In Technology That Will Dominate 2022

Trends in technology

In 2014, the then president of IEEE Computer Society, Dejan Milojicic with his nine team members identified several technologies that would unleash a game-changing impact on the planet. Fast forward to 2022, and we have witnessed many of the technologies they talked about. While humans have a long way to go, as we have a shallow understanding of things around us, the oceans, the planets in the solar system, even the Kuiper Belt that protects us and our neighboring planets from cosmic space debris, among other calamities, we are headed in the right direction. One of the fastest-growing technologies is only now entering the mainstream market, albeit slower. From cloning to AI, what emerging trends in technology are you looking for in 2022? Here is a glimpse of some of the tech you will end up experiencing.

Integrated 3D Circuits

Conventional printed circuit boards are fast becoming old school. The arrival of 3D IC will not only render the conventional PCBs obsolete, but it will also effectively replace them on a mass scale once manufacturers start to produce them in numbers. 

A 3D IC is essentially a semiconductor developed from Meta-oxide stacking with Silicon Wafers. Dies are interconnected vertically using Through Silicon Vias (TSV) processing. Alternately, they can also use a Cu-Cu connection. This allows the chips to act as a single device and have a much smaller footprint with lots of processing power using z-direction for achieving enhanced electrical performance. 

Possibilities include Heterogeneous and 3D system integration and monolithic 3D ICs, among others.  

Emerging Trends

Machines are pivotal to all the progress humans have made since the industrial revolution. Machines are becoming increasingly smarter thanks to the incorporation of intelligent systems. Software and machine learning are paving the way to next-generation technologies faster than we could imagine. Through machine learning, machines can now recommend products based on our past choices and purchases, enhance search results, and even improve the overall planetary environment. For businesses that are looking to bring their supply chain together, using a platform like Raiven might be helpful to implement. Using this custom marketplace, you can make buying and selling easier as a business. This is particularly useful for those who are multi-family owners or they’re contractors looking for all their supplier’s products in one easy-to-use place.

Quantum Computing

In a nutshell, quantum computing comprises the probability of an object’s state before it was measured. The calculation method in this form of computing is not based on traditional numerals. Since numbers are known to process a limited amount of data, and quantum computation has no such restrictions, the latter is the future of computing. Through quantum computing, processing tremendous quantities of data will become possible. The term may not be new to some of you, as we have been hearing about QC for a while now. However, the concept is too revolutionary even to grasp. Rudimentary experiments of quantum computers have been conducted for many years. Those were just that, experiments. In 2022, we might see the commercial use of quantum computing. 

With commercial quantum computing becoming highly possible in 2022, the relevance of Moore’s Law and its first practical commercial use may well be witnessed by the masses. 


One of the most remarkable feats of modern technology is its ability to achieve nanoengineering. Chipmakers Via, Nvidia, Intel, and AMD have been trying hard to win the race of nanotechnology for decades. Compared to Intel, AMD is now churning out 7-nanometer microprocessors and shipping them to the market. Intel is far behind, but they are set to make a comeback by keeping their resources and plans for 2022. 

This year, we might witness TSMC, Fujitsu, and IBM breaching the nanometer barrier, but this depends on the availability and demand of the technology. The fabrication process is still too expensive and may prove unaffordable for consumers. 

The prevailing global shortage of silicon chips may also contribute to the situation. Companies are now shipping chips from their existing stocks to meet customer demands. 

Data Analysis Using Your Body

Though it sounds science fiction, it is indeed happening as we speak. Scientists are working on what they call a revolutionary tech in the making. Through this tech, people will analyze data using their bodies. 

The biometric data will enable them to learn about and premeditate to rectify their body’s tendencies, leading to anomalies, diseases, and even disorders. Having the data in hand, they will learn about wearables measuring their organs such as liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, etc. The tech will also let them know the precise calorie count, sleep, steps walked, and even the amount of sweat released. They can be incorporated inside your wristwatch or a ring you are wearing on your finger. 

Medical Robots

As AI is becoming increasingly more common, we now have robots everywhere. Companies have been experimenting with such robots for some time now in surgical procedures and patient assistance. These robots are now being used for delivering medical supplies. Autonomous delivery of medical supplies is proving to be a success story, much like how they were proved successful in prostheses. 

3D Printing

3D Printing has been around for years, but the technology is proving to be capable of accepting new trends rather easily. Today, it is the leading fabrication technology used for mass manufacturing worldwide. From aircraft making to car manufacturing, 3D Printing will be accepted into various industries. 

A notable advantage of 3D Printing is its cost-effectiveness compared to other production methods. More refinements in 3D Printing are expected in upcoming versions. 

Intelligent Systems And Machine Learning

Machines are pivotal to all the progress humans have made since the industrial revolution. Machines are becoming increasingly smarter thanks to the incorporation of intelligent systems. Software and machine learning are paving the way to next-generation technologies faster than we could imagine. Through machine learning, machines can now recommend products based on our past choices and purchases, enhance search results, and even improve the overall planetary environment. t

Big Data 

Will 2022 be the year when Big Data will finally go mainstream? It has become mainstream for several years, but due to its versatility and ability to grasp newer technologies, more businesses will utilize Big Data this year and so on. 

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Due to its ability to handle and keep valuable data and make it available on-demand, Big Data is here to stay. It gives freedom to users to make data-driven decisions based on their business models. Big Data can take care of massive amounts of data concurrently, making it precious for consumers and businesses alike. Improvements in computer processing, and the availability of high bandwidth memories and huge storage devices, are paving the way for faster, more powerful data centers each year. 

Pattern And Face Recognition

The technology is improved with each iteration, and the trend will likely continue. Improvements include hardware, software, and algorithm recognition. Face and pattern recognition technologies have shown sufficient improvements in the recent past, due to which smartphones became safer to operate. Surveillance systems utilize this technology to ensure a safer workplace. 

Early versions of this technology were rudimentary. Despite multiple attempts, it was prone to security breaches, malfunctions, and errors in recognizing the patterns and faces. Algorithm recognition is now much safer to use in devices and surveillance systems. In 2022, companies will continue to churn out sophisticated AI-based algorithm-based recognition systems. Samantha Foss, a leading tech professional, covered facial recognition in a bit more detail, as well as two other leading trends on her blog too.

Internet Of Things

The age when everything will be connected with the internet is not just upon us, and it is already happening. Manufacturers are incorporating the IoT in their products, knowing that it is the fourth industrial age in the making. What was a concept during the 70s is now fast becoming tomorrow’s technology before our eyes. From your home appliances to your car, and the cloth you wear, to monitoring your body movements, this tech has the potential to change everything around us. 

Meanwhile, the Internet of Things network is huge and constantly developing. Today, more gadgets connect to the internet. Not surprisingly, WiFi rental services offer high-speed internet access with widespread coverage to ensure remote, professional, and company events deliver the best experience. Your audience can connect to the IoT network via their devices or IoT-enabled gadgets such as sensors, wearables, and other devices.

It also means that the level of service provided by internet providers is going to be even more important than ever, with a particular focus on making sure that you are able to access a decent speed internet at all times. This is the kind of thing that will prove to be more and more vital as the IoT becomes a reality.

The potential of IoT has no bounds. Technology can be, and perhaps will be, everywhere we want it to be. The only concern is privacy, as some quarters may complain about the use of this tech due to privacy breaches. 

The Verdict

With so many technologies to look for, 2022 will be an exciting year for tech enthusiasts. Watch for life-changing tech trends hitting the mainstream market and make the most of the tech however you deem it fit. 

As a business, it might be worth exploring the advice of technical professionals. Tech professionals such as Samantha Foss are helpful for consulting with businesses that need advice on their technology this year and beyond.

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