Real Estate’s Most Revered Entrepreneurial Icon Ken Klein Celebrates 20th Anniversary of QKapital Group With Brand New Commercial Division

Real Estate’s Most Revered Entrepreneurial Icon Ken Klein Celebrates 20th Anniversary of QKapital Group With Brand New Commercial Division

To celebrate two decades as a leader in the real estate sector, QKapital's Ken Klein is announcing a new commercial real estate division with Berk Ocal. This 20th anniversary marks a much more expansive and broader focus on larger commercial projects, which is great news for foreign national commercial investors and developers who are looking to become a part of the state's real estate expansion.  

Owned by QKapital partners Mauricio Ordonez, Gaston Schneider and David Hassan, this incomparable mortgage business is best known for its expertise in lending funds to foreign national buyers to purchase real estate developments in America. Klein is now being recognized for his commitment to the industry and distinguished work within the company. 

"Throughout my 20 years in business and finance, I have had the opportunity to help people from various backgrounds reach their goals in this always evolving real estate arena," reflects Klein. 

QKapital continues to rank as one of the most prominent lending companies in Florida due to the ongoing dedication of its employees and expansive network of more than 30 American and international banks. With such rapid growth, QKapital is focused on an even more profitable path in the near future.  

With a deep understanding of the power of international commercial real estate investments, as well as foresight for future markets, Klein has become a highly regarded figure within the industry. This lauded entrepreneur's forward-thinking ideas has resulted in many successful meetings and collaborations with potential dealmakers. 

In just the past year alone, QKapital has captured over $400 million in residential and commercial loans. Their impressive expansion in the recent quarter surpassed $3 billion, with over 1,900 global loans which included financing with Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Perhaps the most distinguished aspect of their business is that Klein and his team offer personalized care and consulting to each and every client, something which has set them apart from other mortgage companies. This boutique company, which remains transparent throughout the entire process, also uses their own networks to get the most beneficial options for clients. In addition to working with traditional banks including Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, they are able to offer various other avenues in order to get clients qualified. This overall approach, along with a team who is always available, helps them to secure loans of all sizes. 

He might still be celebrating his successes over the past 20 years, but Klein is already getting ready to take on the next 20 years! In fact, this dedicated real estate icon has several exciting financing deals in the works that are bringing high-end projects to the Miami area. Part of this project portfolio includes the Serena Hotel Aventura, a new state-of-the-art, mixed-use project featuring retail and office spaces. He is also helping to launch the groundbreaking Michael Krymchantowski Wynwood luxury hotel project, which is already garnering a lot of attention from both local and national media outlets alike. 

More than anything, Klein is just excited that with constantly evolving and inventive methods being pursued in finance, even more people are now able to make their own real estate investing dreams come true. 

"There is no set format anymore," explains Klein. "While a particular bank might leave you with only one or very limited options, a mortgage broker can offer more customized offerings. Being a mortgage broker in this current climate has become a hot profession and they can source various forms of money for the borrower to make key decisions."

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