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Meet Zonda in Bitcoin 2022

Meet Zonda in Bitcoin 2022

Zonda, the largest digital currency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, will be present at this year’s Bitcoin 2022 Conference from April 6th to 9th.

Attending the world’s largest Bitcoin conference is the perfect time to share our plans to introduce revolutionary technical products and expand our platform into multiple markets. The coming months will be groundbreaking and fascinating for us, most notably for our existing and new customers.

You are the first ones we want to share the details with and introduce this exciting plan. You will be able to speak with our Chief Marketing Officer Barnabas Goh, Chief Technology Officer Jakob Lundqvist and Global Head of Support Stanislav Havryliuk. Please visit our Zonda booth in the Bitcoin Beach section.

Zonda (ex-BitBay) is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in Europe with over 1 million users. The company was established in 2014 and it is regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The Zonda exchange has a policy against money laundering and terrorism financing and ensures the safety and security of the deposits and trading via the platform by applying strict AML and KYC procedures.

Users can make transactions in over 50 coins and tokens in pairs with traditional currencies (EUR, GBP and PLN), stablecoins (USDT and USDC), and BTC and ETH. Zonda is continually developing and expanding its business, which has resulted in the creation of such products as Zonda FIAT Exchange and Zonda Pay.

Zonda is on a mission to democratize the access to cryptocurrency. The company’s ambition is to develop simple intuitive tools, the education programmes, and the regulatory framework, that will help its customers to trade and spend confidently from a position of strength.

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