Game On – The Legends of Bezogia Showcases a Competitive Edge in The Metaverse

Game On – The Legends of Bezogia Showcases a Competitive Edge in The Metaverse

Mover over Mario Brothers. The days of the old-school Nintendo are a thing of the past. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the Metaverse – where one game is boldly shaping the future of how to play and how to wing big.

Play & earn games are taking the media by storm. But it's not just gamers that are interested. Rather a new target audience has embraced the concept and are running with it to reach optimum benefits. No one is scoring bigger points in the community than Legends of Bezogia.

Created recently by Bezoge Earth, the popular game is still in BETA format, but has already become one of the most popular non-fungible token-based online video games in history. Legends of Bezogia offers a comprehensive gaming metaverse where NFT in-game characters live on the Polygon blockchain and have drawn in millions of fans who are not just playing for fun, but rather for financial gain.

The lucrative profits from this NFT-based recreational game are not being spent in a typical way. Granting the possibility to monetize your own part of the prize pot, players from all around the globe are coming together to experience colossal gains that are being used to pay off student loans, take care of rent, and even to help support family members. The community is in a unified way realizing that despite the woes of the looming recession there is a way to bring in extra income still.

The crypto-based MMORPG game continues to thrive despite the recent economic downturn that America is facing. This month's market crash saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunge and ended in brutal trading days. Wall Street woes have accelerated, but the rapidly growing pace of popularity in games like Legends of Bezogia continues to boost record-breaking new members to the community.

The Legends of Bezogia is a land where everything always goes up in an open-world MMORPG metaverse game. It is here players can summon their own unique Bezogi NFT characters from a selection of eight different breeds by summoning in-game. Each unique to their own playstyles and lore, Bezogi pillage, mint, summon and explore the epic lands of Bezogia.

With "The First Crypto Game for Non-Crypto People" as its brand essence, Bezoge Earth aims to empower today's crypto gaming community by breaking down complicated barriers to entry into the crypto gaming metaverse. Bezoge Earth aims to shake up the industry by making it accessible and fun for everyone combining rich and exciting lore, thrilling game mechanics, and flexible playstyle options to appeal to anyone who wants to play and earn personal income.

With the Alpha signup now live, adventure-packed quests are being added to the game's content along with magical blocks, a new crypto token which can be used in-game to mint items, summon Bezogi characters, enter PVP arenas and various other in-game activities, which will be announced in upcoming updates and via social media.

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Watch the full Legends of Bezogia theatrical trailer showcasing all eight magical breeds of Bezogi in 4K here:

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