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Punta Mita | The Hidden Gem of Mexico

Punta Mita | The Hidden Gem of Mexico

Tell me About Punta Mita

Imagine this: a nine-and-a-half-mile peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, a secluded area with miles of white sand beaches, world class hotels and gorgeous private homes. This is Punta Mita, Mexico—an intimate community teeming with adventure, spectacular hotels, and lucious oceanic diversity. It’s called “Mexico’s premier resort community,” for a reason…and even that would be an understatement…in my very humble opinion. 

I’m intrigued…Tell me More

When you visit, you will feel as though you are on your own private island. One where you can indulge in luxury or take the local route, the beauty is that you get to choose your own adventure. We did a bit of both, which is one of the reasons it was such a memorable trip. 


  Aerial view of the W Hotel Punta de Mita, photo taken by The W’s Photography team


I’m in…How do I get to Punta Mita?

I’m glad you asked…what took you so long?! The closest airport to Punta Mita is Puerto Vallarta International Airport. From the airport you can reach Punta Mita by renting a car, taking a taxi or going on the airport shuttle bus. 

We hopped on a flight from Miami to Puerto Vallarta and it was a breeze. Within 2.5 hours, we were in a whole new country, with exotic scents, and exciting adventures awaiting us. Upon arriving, we were picked up by a W Hotel private shuttle. Our friendly driver met us upon exiting customs and he even had ice cold water waiting for us…can life get any better than this? 

The Mexican currency is called the peso. I recommend taking money out of an ATM at the Puerto Vallarta airport or exchanging your currency at the airport. Another option is to pay in U.S. dollars, most places will accept them. But remember, we’re taking the local approach as well here…So let’s ensure we at least have a decent amount of pesos in case U.S. dollars aren’t accepted. 


Where Shall I Stay?

Hands down, find a way to stay at The W Punta de Mita. The hotel is a W Hotels & Resorts property on Mexico’s coveted Riviera Nayarit. It pays homage to the bold, vivid traditions of the native Huichol Indians, bohemian surf culture found throughout Banderas Bay and exotic nature that surrounds Nayarit. 

​​  Aerial view of the W Hotel Punta de Mita Camino Huichol, photo taken by The W’s Photography team

The property features an AWAY Spa, five buzzing bars and restaurants, an onsite WAVE Surf Shop that offers surf lessons and ocean-based excursions, a WET Deck with a swimming pool & DJ booth, and guest rooms with native Huichol-inspired touches…Now that’s what you call exciting. 


Get this…there’s  a story behind almost every last detail in this hotel, that is how intentional they’ve been since the inception of it. If you’re ever curious about something, ask the staff and you will hear a passionate story. Let me give you an example – Oscar Zepeda was a charismatic staff member that drove me in a golf cart from the hotel check-in to my room and in the ride I asked him, what are your favorite aspects about this hotel? Oscar eagerly said that he loved that his management was so flexible and caring. Oscar’s second favorite thing is that the hotel is intentional in preserving the nature that surrounds it. For example, if a tree is growing in an inconvenient area on the property, instead of cutting the tree down, the hotel will build around it and find a way to incorporate it. I absolutely loved hearing this. 


Ocean Suite View of the W Hotel Punta de Mita, photo taken by The W’s Photography team


The resort has an extensive list of conservation efforts, from energy & water conservation to environmentally preferred products. Oh and by the way, if you have a furry friend,  the hotel has a P.A.W policy (Pet’s are Welcome). How awesome is that? Now your little Simba can come along the adventure as well. 


Oh and there’s more…

One of the signature pieces of the hotel is el “Camino Huichol” or “Huichol Walkway”. The Camino Huichol is a vibrant blue and green mosaic walkway composed of over 750,000 hand placed mosaics…Hand placed! The walkway stretches over 450 feet and is without a doubt one of the anchors of the hotel. The walkway guides guests from the Welcome area to the Living Room of the WET Deck (pool area), and on to a walkway that leads over the beach for that picturesque sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I had a chance to interview Mr. David Gauna, the GM of the hotel. Mr. Gauna shared with me that the Huichol Walkway is a representation of a Huichols life journey. It is meant to highlight the ups and downs of life, with the goal of achieving spiritual ascension. 


Aerial view of the W Hotel Punta de Mita Camino Huichol, photo taken by The W’s Photography team

Must Try Experiences at the W Punta Mita

Mesa 1

Forbes Magazine once said this is the World Most Exclusive Restaurant and I can surely see why. Mesa 1 is a 2,132 square foot restaurant that serves only one seating(for up to 15 guests) per day. 


Mesa 1 at W Hotel Punta de Mita, photo taken by The W’s Photography team

Picture this…It is sunset and you are surrounded by natural springs at the very center of the property while overlooking the ocean. Your table, which by the way is the only table in this 2,132 square foot area, is on an island at the very center of the entire property. To get to your table, you’ll step above stones that emerge from the water and guide you to where dinner is going to be held. Get ready for this…when the dinner commences, the stones will disappear and for the next two hours, Alejandra Sanchez, the Executive Chef will present you with an elaborate, seven-course tasting meal. Make sure to leave some room because Dessert Chef, Sheyla Sandoval will also come to wow you with her artistic creations. 

This dinner experience was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had and if you have a bucket list, this is the type of restaurant to add to that list.


Dinner at Mesa 1 by Jayger McGough

Ceviche-making Class at Chevycheria

Chevycheria is a rare restaurant idea…The creative geniuses at the resort turned an old 1950s Chevy truck into a ceviche bar and called it Chevycheria. Get it? Not only do you get an ocean-front view but you can take a Ceviche making class. We learned from Chef Ismael, a professional chef that spent many years mastering the art of Ceviche in Peru & Mexico. 


Refuel Your Body at the Nature-Inspired AWAY Spa

All this fine dining must have you quite stressed…so let’s take care of that. The resort features a 4,000-square-foot AWAY spa that is pure luxury and yet you are surrounded by jungle. The spa offers a broad range of W treatments to indulge your body using local ingredients like agave and cactus. I decided to be adventurous and enjoyed the Blue Agave Treatment. The treatment is a fusion of Blue Agave butter(a powerful antioxidant ingredient) with a medium-pressure massage, this creates the perfect way to hydrate and relax, not only your body but also your soul. 


AWAY SPA at W Hotel Punta de Mita, photo taken by The W’s Photography team

 Upon completion of your treatment, you are taken to the Relaxation Deck that overlooks both the jungle and hydrotherapy pools. The pools have varying temperatures and pressures and the Deck features intentional cutouts in the wood to avoid harming the roots of surrounding guardian fig trees.  

As you walk around the pools, you can observe woven Huichol ‘Ojo de Dios’ (meaning God’s eye) which can be found on the trees that tower over the space. You will also get to hear plenty of birds chirping around you…pure bliss. 


Mixology Class at Tapete Huichol 

  After a day of exploration, we decided to unwind by taking a sunset mixology class at the very end of the Huichol Walkway. We learned how to sample a wide range of local tequilas, mezcals, and signature cocktails. The two cocktails we made were “Jaxu” & a “Ginger Margarita”. Jaxu was a stunning cocktail with passion fruit, local mezcal, chipotle syrup, lime juice and crushed ice. 

The second cocktail we learned to make was a unique Ginger Margarita…I loved it. Let’s make one together! 

  • Step 1: Create a tajin lined rim on your glass
  • Step 2: Add ice
  • Step 3: Add 1.5oz(Or more…We don’t judge) of Tequila
  • Step 4: Pour your ginger reduction(Peel ginger and boil it) 
  • Step 5: Add some lime & love to it


Spice Market 


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better at the W Punta Mita…in comes Spice Market, a restaurant dedicated to exploring the flavors of Southeast Asia. The restaurant is inspired by the family-style dining traditions that are common throughout the region, and it offers guests a culinary experience that will remain with them forever. The flavors of their dishes are like none other and one of the reasons for this is because of their tremendous focus on getting the absolute best quality spices from their origin countries. 

See Also

Spice Market offers food from multiple countries, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, and China. Make sure you try the pad thai, shrimp dumpling, roasted catch of the day and the ginger fried rice…get ready to be wow’d. 

Oh and how could I forget? For dessert you must try the Japanese Cheesecake, Kulfi and Turmeric Pear. At Spice Market I learned that Heaven is indeed a place on earth…

Hector’s Kitchen 

 If you’d like to venture outside of the hotel for a romantic evening dinner with your better half, Hector’s Kitchen is calling your name. Upon entering the restaurant, Chef Hector Leyva came to welcome us. 

 We learned that Chef Leyva has extensive international experience, having served as managing chef of the Punta Mita Four Seasons Resort before opening his own restaurant. 

He earned a culinary degree from Instituto Culinario de México and decided to bring his avant garde cooking to the colorful coastal village of Punta Mita.

Do me a favor and have the Truffled Sweet Potato Tortellini, Grilled Octopus and the Thai Green Curry. As far as drinks go, if you like tequila, make sure you try the Good Bunny. The drink is made with 7 Leguas Tequila, carrot juice, lime, orange liqueur and ginger. You’ll thank me later.

Adventure Time…Are you Ready?


Marieta Island Expedition with Vallarta Adventures 

The Marietas Islands, a major attraction in Puerto Vallarta, are famous for their pristine natural beauty and scenic seaside vistas. Consisting of four islands, these natural wonders are teeming with native wildlife species.

We arrived at the island area by boat and dove into the water to explore the wildlife underneath. We got to see hundreds of colorful fish and unique-looking birds like the famous Blue-Footed Booby. 


Oh and by the way, during the winter months, it is common to see humpback whales in the bay. The area is a centuries-old breeding ground and respite following their annual migrations. How memorable would that be? You, your better half, and whales…Wowzers!


Surf Lesson 

Ready to hear yet another reason to stay at the W Punta Mita? It just so happens that the property is located on one of Mexico’s most popular surf breaks. We had the opportunity to learn how to surf with one of the pro’s…I may or may not have drunk a solid gallon of seawater while learning how to surf but boy was it worth it. If you’ve ever wanted to take lessons, this is the spot to do so. Surf’s up! 



Sayulita Escape with Vallarta Adventures

Prepare to get dusty as you hop on board a private UTV while taking in views of the rugged hills and valleys of Sayulita. Our private tour guide was Armand Croix(@armandcroix) and I must say, if you decide to go UTV’ing make sure you ask for Armand. He is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met and he will make your experience extraordinary. On this adventure we learned to test our off-roading driving skills before cruising down to Sayulita’s world-famous beach town.


Sayulita, Mexico—Wow…even typing the word S-a-y-u-l-i-t-a brings me back to this beach town north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s one of those places that makes you feel a certain kind of joy. Sayulita is a small, charming Mexican beach town full of color and surf culture. It has a laid-back feel with many expats, quaint shops, and casual juice bars.

Days at Sayulita are spent lounging on the beach, surfing and snorkeling in crystal clear water. You may also spend your days shopping for unique clothing pieces, and wandering through cobblestone streets while sipping on a mango smoothie. Your only responsibility here is to soak up the tropical Mexican sun and relax while thinking of everything you are grateful for.


Closing Thoughts [Luxury tourism expert’s personal opinion]

A tropical adventure is waiting for you in an oasis of white-sand beaches and crystal clear light blue waters on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit. When you arrive in this coastal town and walk the white sands of the peninsula, you will be engulfed with peace and tranquility…In the exact same way as we were. 

The W at Punta Mita is a dream. From the moment you are picked up to be taken to get checked in, one realizes that this place is different from any other resort—it has a vibrant energy, and there is a sense of something special in the air. A sense of love for nature, sustainability and a genuine desire to enable guests to have an experience that they will remember forever. The staff at the hotel are  kind, loving and beyond welcoming. I would return in a heartbeat and I know it’s not a matter of if I come back, but when. 

Now now…What are you waiting for? Book your trip!


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