Valmont Launches V-FIRM- Their Most Powerful Firming Skincare Collection Coming this Fall

Valmont Launches V-FIRM- Their Most Powerful Firming Skincare Collection Coming this Fall

Valmont is bringing the bounce back with "V-FIRM," its brand-new skincare collection for Fall 2022.  Just in time to repair any skincare damage caused by summer sun exposre, Valmont has the solution launching this September!  Continuing its commitment to excellence, Valmont's newest addition to their skincare pillar achieves the challenge of technicality in voluptuousness while combining visible efficiency and prolonged pleasure.  V-FIRM is a new ritual dedicated entirely to restoring skin's firmness, perfect for anyone suffering from sagging skin!  Whether loss of tone is a reflection of passing time or due to a depletion of the skin's elasticity, "Le Magicien du Temps" has drawn from its cellular cosmetic expertise to develop a fulfilling solution in the purest tradition of the made in Switzerland efficiency!  V-FIRM incorporates three high-performance products that optimize bounce, density and of course, firmness including, V-FIRM Serum, V-FIRM Eye and V-FIRM Cream.

V-FIRM Serum

V-FIRM Serum is a rich and creamy sculpting serum that helps transform the skin by targeting sagging skin and re-plumping volumes.  Strengthening the structure of the dermis, it restores the skin's firmness and tones the face.  The Peptide Cocktail, the Density Complex and the DNA/RNA duo in this ultra-concentrated treatment are further amplified by the action of milk protein, which helps stimulate production of molecules making up the dermal matrix.

Retail Price: $340 USD.  Available September 2022 at


V-FIRM Eye is a stunning sensorial experience of "honey gel" texture and is a veritable weapon of mass effectiveness.  This gourmet amber-hued balm actively combats sagging eyelids and under-eye creases.  Hyaluronic acid coats the skin like a hydrating, tensing film, complementing the in-depth action of V-FIRM's core formula (Peptide Cocktail, Density Complex and DNA/RNA duo). And for even greater comfort, the DNA used here takes the form of a liposome, its lipidic envelope merging with strengthening cell membranes.  With each application, the gaze opens, banishing fatigue and revealing a vibrant glow of firm youthfulness.

Retail Price: $290 USD.  Available September 2022 at

V-FIRM Cream

V-FIRM Cream. is a transformational, voluptuous and comforting cream that unifies with the skin and infuses it with restorative and firming benefits.  Re-densifying active ingredients work in synergy with plant-based squalane to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, fostering dermal density and epidermal harmony.  From 28 days, the face reveals a younger appearance with sharper contours, thanks to regained elasticity.

Retail Price: $440 USD.  Available September 2022 at  

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