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Luna Benaï for Sotheby’s ‘Art as Jewelry as Art’

Luna Benaï for Sotheby’s ‘Art as Jewelry as Art’

Tiffany Dubin, Head of the “Art as Jewelry as Art” sale at Sotheby’s, shares that a growing trend in the market is unique works that allow collectors to wear their art. She chose Luna Benai to create a one-of-a-kind custom mystical jewelry box, the “Atlas,” that will appear as part of the Visionaries section, highlighting contemporary makers such as Luna Benai, Hubert Le Gall and James de Givenchy. Proceeds of the Atlas sale will benefit The Hannan School in Morocco.

The inspiration behind the Atlas Box symbolizes holding the sky whilst encompassing all of its jewels and knowledge in the Gaia beneath. The finish consists of a carved rhombicuboctahedron, one of the many infinity shapes from Archimedean Geometry. The imprints are traditional Amazigh symbols that have been incorporated into contemporary design. The detachable jewel consists of solid silver, hand-painted details imitating the Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Carnelian traditions of the Amazigh people.

The auction will present approximately 150 thoughtfully chosen works of art that can be worn as adornment or exhibited as part of a collection by some of the 20th century’s greatest artists as well as designers and architects who have explored the world in miniature. Luna Benai’s piece will be shown among the designs of Alexander Calder, Salvador Dalì, Claude Lalanne, Louise Bourgeois, Picasso, Max Ernst, and Man Ray.

Luna Benaï is a London-based bespoke label creating rare, handcrafted pieces. Katia Luna Benaï and her team of artisans, specialists, and visionary artists bring the contemporary to the treasures of the past, delicately intertwining timeless concepts, ideals, and designs with a modern fine art twist. Luna Benaï comes from the 4,000-year-old heritage of the Amazigh women of North Africa, a Berber civilization that survives today as one of the few societies where women have held a leading role in social structures for centuries. Luna Benaï’s debut collection, ARTIFACTS, features two wearable objects d’art, NYX and Zazia; each intricately designed exotic leather handbag intersects the worlds of fine art and fashion.

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