Luxury Yachts, Sailboats, Catamarans & More a Mere Click Away

Luxury Yachts, Sailboats, Catamarans & More a Mere Click Away

Why pick one or even two luxury watercraft when you can enjoy any and all at your whim?

One company called Click&Boat, often regarded as the "AirBnB of the sea," offers the ability to charter a private boat or yacht by the day. The service can give you the life of a yachtsman without the day-to-day expense or responsibilities of boat ownership.

Click&Boat offers more than 40 thousand vessels from private and professional boat owners worldwide in some of the world's sexiest destinations, from Croatia to the Caribbean, Ibiza to Italy, and plenty of options throughout U.S … from the deep sea to lakes nationwide.

Choose from houseboats for lake cruising, electric boats for small waterways and inlets, pontoons or catamarans, sailboats for a "bay"cation, fishing vessels for angling, or a yacht for a more luxurious odyssey.

Rent for half, full or multiple days as you chart your own adventure, inviting friends and family to join you on board if you desire, and even opting for extra luxuries like an onboard chef, captain or full service crew to ensure you and your guests are fully catered to.

Finding a boat that suits your needs is easy. Simply visit Click&Boat dot com to select a location, excursion dates and type of vessel desired. A list of available vessels with images and descriptions will then be at your fingertips with options to contact the owners directly with any questions before you commit.

I recently participated in a Click&Boat yacht excursion in South Florida and was impressed with the ease and efficiency of the experience. In seeking to learn more about this exciting addition to the Gig Economy, I recently connected with a Click&Boat spokesperson to learn more. Here's a bit of that conversation.

MK: First, in a nutshell, how would you describe Click&Boat in simple terms?

C&B: We are a unique travel agency for all things on the water. We create a full experience to cover your travel needs, from day or hourly trips to week-long and more cruises. And, this is whether the sailings are domestic or international, as we are available in over 600 global destinations.

MK: What inspired the service?

Founders Edouard Gorioux and Jeremy Bismuth made a simple observation during one of their visits to the marinas in the South of France. On average, they realized that boats are used relatively infrequently. In the U.S., alone, most boats are used an average of just 54 days out of a 365-day year. Maintenance, insurance and mooring for a boat is expensive, with the annual expenses representing, on average, 10% of the price of the boat annually. They saw this as a problem, and an expense, for the owner. This inspired the solution in the form of developing the collaborative Click&Boat platform.  It's based on sharing and trust, allowing boat owners to earn money confidently and safely.

MK: Who is Click&Boat best suited for?

C&B: Click&Boat makes boating accessible to anyone and everyone—no matter the type of boat or body of water desired. From individuals, to groups, families and advanced sailors, everyone has the opportunity to rent a vessel—with or without a captain—to assure they have the most comfortable experience on the water … no matter where they are in the world.

The platform allows any boat owner to create a free listing by adding pictures, a description, price and advice for the sailing area. From there, renters searching for the perfect vessel can contact the owner directly using the Click&Boat messaging service.

Owners also have access to the sailing history of the renter and can confidently choose the right sailors for their boats. Renters can choose between a skipper or skipper-less option to ensure that their planned boat trip will go off without a hitch.

MK: What sets this service apart from other players in the boat sharing space?

C&B: We offer a dedicated advisor who is available to help prospective renters find the perfect boat or yacht for their nautical trip based on the renter's exact needs. And, we have the most competitive offer on a global level. With over 40,000 vessels available including motorboats, sailboats, RIBs, catamarans and more, future users can navigate through over 171,000 online user reviews substantiating that Click&Boat is a trustworthy platform that sets boat journeys in the right direction. And of course, we have a weather cancellation policy for when Mother Nature needs her moments. All of our rentals come with insurance to proffer added peace of mind.

Extra amenities can be provided per listing, so users can decide what best fits the needs of the excursion to make the experience even more personalized and unique. This can include food, beverage, entertainment and more.

MK: Is the app group outing friendly?

C&B: Absolutely! Our app makes booking a boat simple and easy for the user. With it, users can identify and share details about boats they're interested in with friend groups and family, which makes the shared experience especially convenient for group trips.  In the revolutionary world of technology, Click&Boat has over 250 people on the team who are constantly working to fit the needs of the platform and users, and we are continually innovating to assure a seamless experience.

MK: How would you sum up the service's approach to hospitality – in the nautical sense?

C&B: Simply put, Click&Boat makes the dream of boating a reality for everyone. Taking the boat out has a certain magical feeling we want all users to feel. Throughout the user experience, our main passion is to make sure everyone is comfortable throughout his or her time spent on board. We want to keep the flame ignited for someone who is a frequent sailor and ignite the passion in those new to the water. The perspective of seeing the shoreline from the water is something that cannot be described, so our goal is to make memories on the water and create stories the user will be told forever. The Click&Boat community is intended to cultivate lifelong boating enthusiasts. It's a great resource for those who seek to see things from a fresh perspective.  With our recent partnership with Boats Group, our goal is to continue to deliver the best experience possible as the global leader in the recreational marine industry.

MK: Any surprising factoids about the service?

C&B: Click&Boat has one ambassador and he happens to be a record-holding master of the sea. François Gabart, who has the record for the fastest time to sail around the globe (42 days, 16 hours, 32 minutes to be exact), is an advocate for Click&Boat and its advocacy for exploration of the water. It is such an honor to partner with such an esteemed sailor, and to know he represents Click&Boat both on and offshore.

With so many options to choose from at a myriad of price points, there's never been a better time-or opportunity—than now to wander the water. So, when you're ready navigate your next holiday or even just a full or half day outing, consider a departure from the usual and set sail with a memorable boat adventure.


Image(s) courtesy of Click&Boat

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