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Alexandre Birman Showcases Spring Summer Runway 2023 Collection During Paris Fashion Week at The Ritz Hotel

Alexandre Birman Showcases Spring Summer Runway 2023 Collection During Paris Fashion Week at The Ritz Hotel

September 28th, 2022 Renowned footwear designer Alexandre Birman presented his latest Spring Summer Runway 23 collection in a private preview at the French historic hotel, The Ritz Paris. The event hosted an array of notable guests, including editors from distinguished publications, stylists,
and friends of Alexandre Birman. Highlight attendees included Caroline Daur, Irene Kim, Pritika Swarup, Linda Fargo, Rickie De Sole, Kyra Santoro, Sofia Resing, Mary Leest, Valentina Hites, Sira Pevida, Paola Cossentino, Madison Wyborny.

Gi Sayuri, Ana Minomo

Having presented his Spring Summer 2023 collection last week in Milan, Alexandre Birman showed the Runway Collection at The Ritz, which was defined by vibrant colors, handcrafted materials, and natural elements.

Inspired by the beautiful Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, the SS 23 Runway Collection represents the breathtaking beach district of Itapuã, an ancient fisherman’s village. Each shoe in the collection was designed to represent a different moment in time and connect with different stories like the beautiful
craftsmanship from Saubara’s artisans, the local exuberant flora, the unique knots inspired by the fisherman village and all of the intriguing details that will carry you away into an unforgettable journey.

Reis Rodrigues, Verena Figueiredo, Marcela Barci, Milena Penteado, Barbara Migliori


The collection featured a vibrant range of glamorous heels and sandals, in many bold patterns and finishes, from the handicraft of lace local village women of Bahia to the natural raffia elements to elevate any occasion. Since 1978, in the small village of Bahia – Maria, a local shellfish gatherer honed in on her
talent of lacemaking. A talent her mother passed down to her, she was able to create a space for the local women in her village. Captivating the village with the beautiful handmade crafts, Maria decided to embrace weavers from the city which in turn have created new methods of weaving with ouricuri and licuri
straw from the local palms. Presently, all of the women continue working the sea every morning and handcrafting their unique lace in the afternoon.


Marcela Barci
Manuela Bordasch, Ali Santos, Isabella Aredes, Roberta Weber


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Raphael Say
Xande Aviao, Isabelle Temoteo, Alexandre Birman
Ana Carolina Bassi
Trisha Gregory
Pritika Swarup
Mara Lafontan

Ali Santos
Milena Penteado, Reis Rodrigues
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