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Kicking Curves to the Curb; New Trend Goals Plastic Surgery Contours the New Slimmed-down Physique

Kicking Curves to the Curb; New Trend Goals Plastic Surgery Contours the New Slimmed-down Physique

“Chose shape over size, that is what I always tell the women and men who approach us for cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Sergey Voskin, founder and CEO of GOALS Plastic Surgery, an industry leader in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, and body contouring. “We are seeing a wave of women and men coming to us certainly to diminish covid weight gain but also to adopt a more boyish, lean figure. The desire is to achieve a look that is modern and in sync with the less extreme mindset we share today.”  In this post-pandemic world, we are increasingly seeing a “less is more” trend in every aspect of our lifestyles, there is a new reluctance for many to have an exaggerated figure. What’s becoming a priority is finding ways to prioritize a more natural look at a time when we desire comfort and ease. GOALS has what men and women want: a team of board-certified surgeons who combine a collective of the newest contouring technique with proprietary patented technology to provide the safest and most effective results available.

Photography: Andrea Piacquandio

Those who turned to plastic surgeons for fat injections in their butts a while back are returning to have such enhancements removed. The goal is not to 100% sacrifice the curve of their rearview, just to contour the shape into a more proportionate silhouette. Rumor has it that Khloe Kardashian is a top inspiration for this trend, her revenge body seems to have recently found a slimmer profile.  Dr. Voskin observes that patients seeking this trending look are coming to GOALS to have treatments such as FlexSculpt®, considered the next generation of body contouring, a form of liposuction, to reshape their body. It’s not that mini is marvelous, it’s that what looks natural is what is comfortable, and attainable.  Although extreme may still be desirable for some, Dr. Voskin observes that at GOALS,  it is increasingly apparent that a slimmed-down body is what women – and men – want today. Some may choose to combine FlexSculpt which can slim the abdomen, back, waist, arms, and thighs with another GOALS signature treatment, FlexTuck®, bringing the tummy in line with the rear with this minimally-invasive tummy tuck procedure. Together these signature GOALS treatments yield the new slimmed-down figure that erases covid weight gain and imparts a renewed sense of confidence.

Though OnlyFans may glorify large if not dramatically oversized breasts, celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah have opted to reduce their breasts. They are leading the trend towards a more minimized bosom. Large breasts can look matronly while huge breasts tend to look cartoonish and be uncomfortable, if not painful. It’s the real deal these days with cleavage being proportionate to the body.  Bye-bye Jessica Rabbit, hello Taylor Swift. Removing breast implants is trending, the ideal figure now is streamlined, and curves are where they are expected. Dr. Voskin finds that women are coming to GOALS looking for a perkier, smaller bosom.  Reducing the bustline does not mean going totally flat. There are alternatives to pursue that look natural and offer that renewed, youthful appearance.

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