The Top Five Over-the-Top Halloween Trends

Type me Never More at Neiman Marcus
Type me Never More at Neiman Marcus

This year the tagline for Halloween could be "Bigger is Better". Although the average household spends approximately $100 per year on their Halloween essentials, for others price is no obstacle. Here are five of the most expensive decorations that connoisseurs of Halloween are excited about this year:

  1. Crystallized Skull: Why use just an ordinary plastic head when you can scare the wits out of guests with a 32-pound Titan Agate Amethyst Geode Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture for just $14,990? (Shipping not included!) Too much? The Scorzalite in Quartzite Crystal Skull, Super Realistic, Hand Carved Gemstone Fine Art Sculpture is only $1729, while a Rare Fossil Crystal Skull, Hand Carved Gemstone Fine Art Sculpture can be had for the bare-bones price of just $749.
  2. Inflatable Grim Reaper Archway: Say hello (or good-bye) with a 14-foot-tall inflatable Grim Reaper arch, with super bright LED and color-changing lights inside, for only $1154 (or $64.11/month).
  3. 40-foot Inflatable Pumpkin: If death doesn't become you, go for the 40-foot Premium Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin for the smashing price of just $3569 on Amazon.
  4. Halloween Costumes: Done decorating? Don't scrimp on costumes, Star Wars fans can don a standard-size Ultimate Edition Darth Vader Costume for $1500, and even get the breathing effect just right for an extra $15. Game of Thrones' White Walker enthusiasts can find a complete silicone set of mask, torso, and gloves for just $3175.
  5. Animatronics and More: Add motion to your Halloween décor, without a chainsaw massacre, when you install giant animatronics. Thump your chest with a raging "Gorilla in a Cage" for $5580, or go mellow with a tame 5-foot tall "Singing Bear" for $4500 from Hammacher Schlemmer. Although she might be known more for comfy Christmas imagery, Karen Didion is no slouch when it comes to Halloween. Check out her non-animatronic, handmade metal, lighted "Type Me Nevermore" Halloween decoration for $3390 at Neiman Marcus.

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