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The Top Five Over-the-Top Halloween Trends

The Top Five Over-the-Top Halloween Trends

This year the tagline for Halloween could be “Bigger is Better”. Although the average household spends approximately $100 per year on their Halloween essentials, for others price is no obstacle. Here are five of the most expensive decorations that connoisseurs of Halloween are excited about this year:

  1. Crystallized Skull: Why use just an ordinary plastic head when you can scare the wits out of guests with a 32-pound Titan Agate Amethyst Geode Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture for just $14,990? (Shipping not included!) Too much? The Scorzalite in Quartzite Crystal Skull, Super Realistic, Hand Carved Gemstone Fine Art Sculpture is only $1729, while a Rare Fossil Crystal Skull, Hand Carved Gemstone Fine Art Sculpture can be had for the bare-bones price of just $749.
  2. Inflatable Grim Reaper Archway: Say hello (or good-bye) with a 14-foot-tall inflatable Grim Reaper arch, with super bright LED and color-changing lights inside, for only $1154 (or $64.11/month).
  3. 40-foot Inflatable Pumpkin: If death doesn’t become you, go for the 40-foot Premium Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin for the smashing price of just $3569 on Amazon.
  4. Halloween Costumes: Done decorating? Don’t scrimp on costumes, Star Wars fans can don a standard-size Ultimate Edition Darth Vader Costume for $1500, and even get the breathing effect just right for an extra $15. Game of Thrones’ White Walker enthusiasts can find a complete silicone set of mask, torso, and gloves for just $3175.
  5. Animatronics and More: Add motion to your Halloween décor, without a chainsaw massacre, when you install giant animatronics. Thump your chest with a raging “Gorilla in a Cage” for $5580, or go mellow with a tame 5-foot tall “Singing Bear” for $4500 from Hammacher Schlemmer. Although she might be known more for comfy Christmas imagery, Karen Didion is no slouch when it comes to Halloween. Check out her non-animatronic, handmade metal, lighted “Type Me Nevermore” Halloween decoration for $3390 at Neiman Marcus.
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