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Ruinart Beach Art Lounge

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge

Art patrons from around the world joined the iconic Maison Ruinart for an exclusive preview of the Ruinart Beach Art Lounge. The evening celebrated moments of calm with multisensory art experiences curated by Danish  artist Jeppe Hein that reimagined the Right Here, Right Now concept for guests to discover while enjoying glasses of Ruinart paired with vegetarian canapes.  This interactive art installation invoked the four elements essential to the process of making Ruinart Champagne.  From November 30th to December 2nd, this installation was held on the Miami beachfront between 21st and 22nd street.

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge Jappe Hein
Katya Tolstova, Jeppe Hein

Among the 400 lovers and new epicureans in attendance were Jerry Gogosian, Anthony Ramos, Yvonne Force Villareal, JiaJia Fei, Katya Tolstova, Alicja Kwade, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Mark Oldman, Olivia Lopez and Samantha Angelilli.

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge-Alicja Kwade, Gregor Hildebrandt
Alicja Kwade, Gregor Hildebrandt

The lounge was both an experiential art piece and a mindful escape for patrons to unwind and enjoy during Art Basel Miami Beach.  Guests are welcomed to embrace moments of calm and to be Right Here, Right Now through a series of meditative sound bath and interactive art experiences hosted by Jeppe Hein. Inspired by the Miami beachfront setting, the “Breathe with Me and the Waves” guided meditations encourage participants to paint their own individual breath in wave-like brushstrokes to connect us to ourselves and the world. Exclusive coverage by Resident Team

Ruinart Beach Art Lounge show

The transportive guided experience provided visitors with a new way to connect with art by encouraging them to pause and live in the moment, and simultaneously recharge from the endless stimulation experienced during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Samantha Angelo

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