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Bombay Darbar – Transforming Miami Fine Dining

Bombay Darbar – Transforming Miami Fine Dining

Bombay Darbar

Owned by entrepreneurs Anil Agrawal and Solomon Hwang, Bombay Darbar is one of the finest authentic Indian restaurants and dining experiences in the United States. Surprisingly, it is found amidst the abundance of Latin American flavors in South Florida. Beloved by celebrities like Rammstein Lead Singer Till Lindemann, Mayor Suarez, and the Miami Heat, Bombay Darbar offers phenomenal traditional Indian cuisine in a colorful yet resplendent atmosphere.

Elevated Dining Experience


A hidden gem in the Miami nightlife scene, it features a sumptuous atmosphere with the bustling energy of an authentic Indian venue. Whether guests are seeking a meal in the warm Miami breeze or in the colorful displays of luxury, every meal eaten at this fine-dining establishment is marked by mouthwatering spices and perfectly roasted vegetables. On the weekends, it hosts live entertainment from Belly Dancing to Bollywood Nights..

Premium Management, Unparalleled Quality


Both general managers at the locations maintain a fierce devotion to compassionate communication, utmost efficiency, and above-and-beyond service. Derek Werynski, General Manager  Coconut Grove, maintains a watchful eye over his staff, ensuring the premium quality of the sauces, salsas, and artisanal curries handmade on-site. This highly labor-intensive process and fervent passion for traditional Indian recipes set Bombay Darbar apart from any other establishment in the Miami fine-dining scene.


Warm, Lively Ambiance


From Coconut Grove to Fort Lauderdale, it features a delightful ambiance throughout. The interior spotlights gorgeous artwork, exotic adornments, and a fabulous bar. Though relaxed, the restaurant’s energy is always saturated in conversation, laughs, and naan being broken – bringing forth a sense of familiarity.


Delectable Dishes

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Aside from these impressive qualities, the food and drinks of it simply speak for themselves. Unexpectedly, the quality and authenticity of this establishment ensure that every dish bears its roots in its various spices, yogurts, sauces, and curries. Local favorites include Lamb Kadhai, Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Biriyani, and Mutter Paneer. For dessert, it offers the phenomenal Gulab Jamun. The impressive selection of cocktails never fails to impress, from the lavender margarita to the Bombay Paradise.


Travel to India for your next dining experience. Visit Bombay Darbar in South Florida.

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