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What Makes A Great Company?

What Makes A Great Company?

What Makes A Great Company

What Makes A Great Company?

Have you ever stopped to think about who cleans the stores and buildings after the madness of everyday shopping? It all starts with the Distinct Group. With over 210 stores in the UK, and high-end clients such as Dior, Zara, Selfridges, and Harrods, the Distinct Group is at the center of getting stores and buildings shop-ready.

Why do top brands sign the Distinct Group to service all their locations? What has led the Distinct Group to grow to more than 400 employees throughout Europe? The answer is the people who work there.

At their company’s holiday party, I had the chance to ask employees about what it’s like working at Distinct. The answers were full of emotion. I spoke with employees Ramona Timaru, Debbie Hemmings, and HR Director Elena Angel and they used genuine, caring, and understanding to describe working at the company. “The first time I walked through the doors, I knew this company was different,” Ramona said. Many others spoke about how management will do all they can to help employees during times of need. For example, employees who live overseas and sometimes need to go home said the company will do everything it can to accommodate their needs. There is a theme of understanding employee situations. The HR director, Elena also mentioned how communication and conversations help build healthy work situations for employees and the company.

The Distinct Group’s holiday party reflected these attributes of understanding, loving, caring, and respecting company workers. The party was open to all employees, even retired maintenance workers attended. Darren and Craig, owners of the Distinct Group, spoke about how far the company has come and how proud they are of everyone. The company gave out framed certificates to employees who have worked for more than five years. This was a wonderful moment as you could see the love and happiness on the employees’ faces. The love was real. The employees were happy, dancing, and smiling as they went up to take a picture with the owners.

The party also included raffles where winners received wonderful gifts. The gifts included three extra holiday days, 100-pound gift cards, customized Dior scarves, and 500-pound vouchers for flights home. The raffle was loads of fun, and everyone enjoyed celebrating the winners. The speeches, which included translations to all of the languages spoken in the building, a celebration of long-tenured employees, and the raffle and prizes created a holiday party that genuinely evoked the company’s compassion and

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On behalf of myself and my associate Abdel Bictogo, it was a pleasure joining the Distinct Group’s holiday party, talking to the employees, and learning more about the company. Thank you, Distinct!
Brandon Travin

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