Detroit Style Pizza Finds a Permanent Home in Miami With the Launch of Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog’s Square Pie City in One of the City’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Detroit Style Pizza Finds a Permanent Home in Miami With the Launch of Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog’s Square Pie City in One of the City’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Detroit Style Pizza Finds a Permanent Home in Miami

Detroit Style Pizza-Previously at Time Out Market Miami, the Beloved Local Brand Officially Opens its Long-Awaited Brick-and-Mortar Location, Where Famously Airy Pies Await an Eager Fanbase

After years of buzzed-about pop-ups across Miami and offerings at South Beach's expansive food hall Time Out Market, Square Pie City is finally giving the people what they want. Founded by local chef and hometown celebrity Jeremiah Bullfrog, it's a true-blue pizza shop where diners can slice into signature airy pies while enjoying the casual-meets-cool vibe associated with the concept. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Miami Design District at 3918 N Miami Avenue, the space reflects the mercurial and artistic nature of Bullfrog, with a thoughtful menu that celebrates the authentic flavors that go into Detroit-style deep-dish pies that loyal customers can't get enough of.

"We're a pizza shop, plain and simple," said Bullfrog. "Through Square Pie City's first flagship location, the team and I are trying to cultivate slice-shop vibes, something that is lacking in the 305."

Diners can choose from a small and straightforward menu of half-pies (4 slices) and full pies (6 slices) in unforgettably tasty options, or create their own. A selection of Red Pies includes the Classix (special "dat" sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan), Ill Pepperoni (pepperoni, sauce mozzarella, parmesan), Red in the Head, Fire in Bed (spicy Calabrian chile, mozzarella, provolone, sauce), Meat Lovahs (bacon and sausage, pepperoni), and the Veg Supreme (mushroom, peppers, broccoli rabe). Signature  White Pies available are the slightly woodsy-flavored Many Magical Mushrooms (cremini, porcini dust, mozzarella, asiago, garlic) and the All White E'rrything, one of the menu's highlights featuring housemade ricotta,  white sauce created with the leftover whey from straining cheese—a detail that adds creaminess and depth of flavor to the pie. Rounding out the menu is the classic Little Gem Caesar and House Chopped Salad made with pickled peppers, salami, provolone, and croutons.

"We did a pop-up in Boxelder in Wynwood offering contactless pick-up and delivery options only and it took off like a rocket," explains Bullfrog, "and that turned into a successful series of pop-ups across Miami, including at Babe's Meat & Counter, where we still source our sausage, bacon, and other meats. Then, Time Out Market Miami offered a space. While it was successful, it wasn't the end goal for us. We envisioned something bigger."

Upon entering, guests will immediately notice the purposely artful aesthetic created by Bullfrog alongside his wife Carla Merino, who designed most of the space. Square City Pie's animated mascot and logo Pete Za adds whimsy to the branding seen around the property, while a mural of Bacchus by Claudio Picasso, a renowned artist, and friend of the couple, stares down at diners indicating that this is a spot where a little indulgence is always on the menu.

Square City Pie is currently offering daily specials for dine-in customers. Lunch offerings include 6 x 6 square, made-to-order slices for $4 in classic, pepperoni, and spicy options. The dinner crowd can also opt for thin and crispy pies for $15 made with special dough, cooked to perfection in the wood-burning oven which is the centerpiece of the room. There will also be a secret menu with specialty, even more, decadent items for those in the know – just simply follow the Instagram handle.

Local beer and biodynamic wines are also available, along with an exciting cocktail program spearheaded by Mike Parish formerly of Broken Shaker, featuring a variety of small-batch vermouth options. "We are all about bringing together solid collaborations with local talent and artisans to support local business," said Bullfrog. To further prove the point, Square Pie City will be partnering with local brand Buena Vista Candles to create a proprietary scent for the brand with basil, oregano, and other herbal scents known to enhance the appetite. 

About Square Pie City

Square Pie City is a Detroit-style-inspired pizzeria by local Miami chef and hometown celebrity Jeremiah Bullfrog. His unmistakable cuisine has been served to presidents, princes, pro athletes, music moguls, and more than his fair share of Magic City movers and shakers, including a previous stint as a private chef for rapper Rick Ross. Bullfrog also brought the first modern food truck to Miami — gastroPod — fashioned from a vintage Airstream trailer. Prior to the flagship opening, he began experimenting with square pan pies in late 2016 and eventually opened his first pop-up at Time Out Market Miami in July 2021. The new flagship space is located in the bustling Miami Design District at 3918 N Miami Avenue, Fla, 33127. Hours of Operation are 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday through Friday and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please visit or call 786-408-3519. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

Detroit Style Pizza Finds a Permanent Home in Miami, exclusive coverage by Resident Team

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