Fall in Love with Winston Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Fall in Love with Winston Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Fall in Love with Winston Flowers this Valentine's Day

Top Arrangement Tips from a Winston Flowers Master Florist:

Theresa Larivee, Lead Brand & Product Designer

Floral Design Insights:

I relate the process of floral design to storytelling. While much of my inspiration comes from my subconscious, I always try to envision the end result. When that beautiful arrangement arrives at someone's door, my aim is for it evokes a narrative. It should feel like a place in time: a season, a mood, or an emotion that is trying to be conveyed. Oftentimes floral arrangements are sent for occasions when words aren't enough; this heartfelt gesture will do the talking. It's a big responsibility.

Here are the fundamentals of my design process: 

  • Seasonality: Just like cooking, it's essential to start with the best possible ingredients for an incredible result. That's why I always begin the creative process by thinking about seasonality, as a flower performs best when in the prime of its season. Not only will in-season textures and flowers be the most beautiful, but they will have a longer life than out-of-season stems and be the best value for the client.
  • Color: My next considerations revolve around color. To say I love color is an understatement. I'm always in awe of how colors have the ability to change one another by how they are paired and grouped. It's truly an endless source of creative exploration. I like to challenge myself to bring colors together that may not traditionally harmonize on their own. By introducing connecting colors, I'm able to bridge gaps across the color wheel. 
  • Creation: Once the ingredients are chosen, it's time to build. I consider almost everything I would if I were working on a painting: size, composition, texture, focal points, movement, light, and color all play a part in the story. I give great importance to having fun, allowing myself to change my mind frequently, and letting the flowers guide me until it's just right. 
  • Logistics & Care: Make sure your arrangement always has fresh water and check the level daily (particularly in the first few days). Fresh flowers are very thirsty and can drink a vase of water in a day, easily. Keep away from any intense sources of heat, including the sun. A tired bloom can be the first indicator of a low water level, or a stem being out of water. Blooms can be revived with fresh cut and water if noticed early.

Valentine's Day Arrangement Tips:

I love Valentine's Day—but not because I am a hopeless romantic, or even because I am a florist. I love the kitsch: the warm, nostalgic reds and pinks, heart-shaped everything, and a reason to celebrate a day in the cold, dark days of winter. I have always loved helping create the perfect gift for someone's perfect person.

When I created the Valentine's Day Collection, all potential senders and recipients revolve through my mind. I try to envision something for everyone—from a serendipitously-timed first date in February or the celebration of a couple's 50th Valentine's Day together. I want to make floral decision-making fun and easy for the sender. 

With all the flowers I have had at my fingertips over my 17 years in the floral industry, roses continuously remain a forever favorite. If there is ever a time for roses, it is February 14th. They are cold-tolerant, long-lasting, fragrant, and one of the oldest symbols of love. The roses we buy are the best in the world. We only buy top-grade roses from boutique farms in South America, known for their high ethical and environmental standards. 

  • You may spend a little more than usual. We all know the price of flowers rises slightly for the holiday, and this is because the global demand for flowers is at its highest. Plus, at Winston Flowers, we are always committed to buying the best. All year long, we work with flower buyers and farms to prepare for Valentine's Day, so our quality is never sacrificed and you always get the best available in the world.
  • Think outside of the "long-stemmed rose" box. I always recommend a more compact design over a display of long-stemmed roses. When flowers are designed in a way that presents them closely together, interacting with one another, you're not only able to better appreciate each bloom but also their beauty as a whole. 
  • Tradition: If you're a traditionalist at heart, our Ruby Sweetheart and Velvet Luxe arrangements are the perfect way to celebrate romance. The combination of saturation and repetition is striking and unforgettable. 
  • Next-level nuance: For an artistic display of the classic Valentine's Day design, our Ode to Love and One & Only arrangements play with contrasting colors and unique flower varieties. By featuring seasonal booms alongside their always-lovely rose co-stars, these arrangements are a really special way to show your love. 

Otherwise: If you prefer something different, go with a moody, cool-toned arrangement like the Violet Allure, or spring for classic white and greens hues in the Purest Love.

The stars of our arrangements:

As you know, roses will always be the star of Valentine's Day. However, we also celebrate the following floral varieties in our designs:

  • Orchids: Grown with expert precision in Holland and Thailand, we buy some of the most beautiful and unique varieties of vanda and phalaenopsis orchids the world has to offer. Long-lasting and bursting with color, these exotic blooms elevate any design.
  • Ranunculus: Grown in Italy, these exquisite flowers are having a moment. We feature the highest-quality "Clooney" variety, which boasts an extensive petal count and longer life than the standard stems.
  • Sweet Pea: Delicate and sweetly fragrant, these Italian- and Japanese-grown flowers are in a league of their own. They come in a variety of stunning shades and add movement and grace to a design.
  • Tulips: These bulb flowers are sourced directly from Holland and burst with layers of petals. Once cut, tulips continue to grow and change—making the arrangement a living work of art.

As a local, family-owned business, our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality flowers and designs. We are committed to making sending a gift easy and allowing the beautiful arrangement to express all the love and meaning behind it. Winston Flowers this Valentine's Day exclusively covered by Resident Team.

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