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New Remote Cardiac Care Program Being Introduced to Montefiore Healthcare Professionals to Support Heart Patients When They Return Home

New Remote Cardiac Care Program Being Introduced to Montefiore Healthcare Professionals to Support Heart Patients When They Return Home

Remote Cardiac Care Program:, a national pioneer in cardiac patient healthcare, has partnered with four of New York City’s leading sub-acute rehabilitation centers to expand patient services and optimize recovery for thousands of regional cardiac patients.

With this new exclusive collaboration, these facilities — Bainbridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, East Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mosholu Parkway Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and The Wayne Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing — offer onsite inpatient sub-acute cardiac rehab certified by In addition, the facilities are introducing a virtual telerehabilitation regimen for patients once they are discharged to the community. The goal of the partnership is to ensure that patients continue to maintain, and improve, their heart health once they return to the community, avoiding rehospitalizations that are common in the cardiac patient population.

The four Bronx-based locations –operating under MEDCO — each provide advanced Physical, Occupational, and Speech Rehabilitation treatment in addition to specialized nursing care, empowering patients diagnosed with heart disease or other cardiovascular and pulmonary issues to reach optimal independence.

With this new Sub-Acute Cardiac Rehab program, patients are under the care of an onsite Cardiac Nurse Practitioner who works with the interdisciplinary team to assess and develop an individualized cardiac rehab plan of care. Upon discharge from the facility, patients will have access to the community to continue their cardiac rehab therapy through this medically certified remote platform to help them continue a heart-healthy lifestyle at home. The physician prescribed program is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans. Experienced clinicians personalize the system to meet the specific needs of each patient.

“Everyone can relate to the difficulty of maintaining exercise and good habits on one’s own,” says CEO and Co-Founder Peter Niemi. “While outpatient facilities are available, people often face mobility or travel challenges; they may have scheduling, financial, or even emotional reasons for not leaving home. Remote cardiac rehab, accessible on demand, under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals, is a cost-effective step toward improving patient care, reducing costs, and reinforcing overall long-term health .”

“Nothing is better than in-person rehab and exercise therapy with a skilled healthcare professional who expertly customizes care and motivates patients to do their best to get better,” says Todd Ostrow, COO, MEDCO. “When our patients return home, however, not all are able to continue the recommended activities on their own. Many have strong support systems at home, but others can benefit from ongoing guidance for as long as needed. This new program integrates physical movement, medication adherence, monitoring of vital signs, and more.”

With a greater acceptance of telemedicine practices and simplified technology for smartphones and computers, the Centers provide this medically and clinically certified, HIPAA-approved remote rehab program with a physician referral. The post-nursing center platform incorporates one-on-one personal sessions for as long as the patient wants to continue, with seamless insurance billing and automated reporting back to the prescribing physicians.

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The four facilities operate under the MEDCO management network, which represents a dedicated commitment to upholding the highest standards in quality and compassionate healthcare services.

About is the first nationally available, personalized remote cardiac rehab platform for patients recovering from a heart condition or surgery, as well as long Covid, type 2 diabetes, asthma, or other conditions. The clinically proven program is especially designed to make recovery and rehabilitation accessible to those unable to participate at a traditional facility. The completely virtual plan includes exercise and movement activity, vital signs monitoring, progress evaluation, and reports back to the referring physician. Most important, maintains personal one-on-one guidance by experienced exercise therapists and rehab specialists, adapting a variety of routines to each individual patient. is telerehabilitation to help you get back to living.


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