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Kevan Hall Fall 2023: Faceted

Kevan Hall Fall 2023: Faceted

The timeless standard “Diamonds Are Forever,” sung by the legendary chanteuse Dame Shirley Bassey, served as inspiration for Kevan Hall’s Fall 2023 collection – shown under the moniker FACETED. Hall looks to Bassey’s 1950s glamour and meteoric rise to stardom as a pivotal moment that continues to define modern ideas of beauty and sophistication. After decades of refinement, Hall’s latest collection continues his brand’s legacy of impactful simplicity.

His gemstone palette runs the aural spectrum from emerald and sapphire to ruby and amethyst, each used to offer a sharp contrast to the buttery soft crepes and luxurious plush of Hall’s rich, deep velvets. Hall achieves a prismatic effect on many fabrics by using crystalline structured materials that refract light into a spectacular colorful treat for the eyes. Gold embellished tweeds give a continental nod to Parisian classics, while the high gloss metal accents lend a modern sleekness that grounds the two aesthetics definitively in the here and now.

The luxury experience was further defined by the hand-carved fur coats and matelassé, each sculpted into images of roses, and dyed threads which were woven together to create unique tri-colored guipure laces. Diamonds from Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs for Gem Platinum were used to lustrous results throughout Hall’s collection with standouts being the shadow fox poncho, cut-out evening dresses, and the high-style jewelry which adorned almost every look.

“Kevan Hall is always a pleasure because he’s the epitome of taste for red carpet, eveningwear, and luncheon wear. And what’s really important for the industry is that Kevan Hall is showing in New York and is a wonderful addition to the lineup which reflects the energy and vibrancy of American fashion,” noted Constance White, who was in attendance.

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About Kevan Hall

Detroit-born Kevan Hall knew by the age of seven that he wanted to be a fashion designer.  He embraced haute couture as an interpretive art form, setting out to redefine glamour for a new generation.  He stepped into the role of Design and Creative Director at the hallowed house of Halston in the Fall of 1998 determined to revive the dormant brand.  By Spring of 2000, he had dressed in a distinguished coterie that included Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, and Salma Hayek.

He launched his signature Kevan Hall Collection in 2002, a reflection of a fashion philosophy that emphasizes the purity of style, incomparable tailoring, and sensuously draped silhouettes uncluttered by modern design.

Hall also founded The Novus Forum, an international collective trade show to support womenswear and accessory designers, which has become a fashion destination for global buyers in the New York fashion market. In 2018, he co-founded the Black Design Collective, an organization that supports young costume and fashion designers in the form of scholarships, education, and business workshops and mentorships.

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