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Susan Fang Presents AW23 Collection During London Fashion Week

Susan Fang Presents AW23 Collection During London Fashion Week

Susan Fang: In recent years, we are confronted with more challenges and uncertainties than we are used to. And in these times, when keeping faith is difficult, it is ever more important to maintain a positive attitude and to persevere. To pursue our goals with childlike optimism and tenacity. With this in mind, we look to the future of all of us – children. We are proud to present our first-ever kidswear collection as part of our AW23 presentation.

The book, "Ami, Child of the Stars," by Enrique Barrios, tells the story of an alien visiting earth to spread a message of peace and unity. That what is alien to us is not evil, it is just different. That if we let our differences divide us, we will succumb to evil. And that instead, we should strive to put out as much love into the world, so that in turn, we can receive it.

I wish for all of us to band together in one universal family of hope. Even though we come from different nations, we all share the same sky and stars. We are all people, all human, connected by the boundless energy of love.

——— Susan Fang

As a starting point for this season, our team took a look into redesigning the classic pajamas into sleek and elegant pieces of loungewear that can be worn for both comfort and style. Blurring the lines between bedwear and everyday clothing. Detailed necklines, drapery shoulders, and the lacey borders in the tops accentuate the feminine power of these items. Custom-made lace has also been designed by Susan with a smiley face and clover flower motifs as blessings to the wearer.

Another goal of the AW23 season is to continue to push sustainable creativity. This collection has two fruits from this pursuit – the upcycled fabric woven laces and the 3D printed accessories.

As a way to further make her mark on the weaving method of fabric design, Susan has taken remaining fabric scraps from previous seasons, turned them into yarn, and then, along with ribbons and wool, woven these strips together. These woven vines are then embellished with crystal clear beads before being shaped by hand onto mannequins to create various silhouettes seen throughout the collection. This is a labor of love, sometimes taking up to two weeks just to complete a single piece. Within the collection, this fabric design can be seen either gently wrapped around the main body of a piece, adding an ethereal beauty, or solidified into the clothing in the form of flower motifs. These floral pieces are further added to with petals made from hand-folded fabrics, which we have been calling "air-flowers," mirroring the beauty of unfolding flower blooms in nature. It is thanks to all of these unique elements, that each piece produced, will truly be its own, a "one of one."

By using 3D printing to create the accessories, we are able to reduce waste as the only material needed to print is the material in the accessories themselves, and a minimal amount of printing support. Some of the pieces that are 3D printed in this collection include the transparent trumpet flowers on the heels of some high-heeled shoes, as well as some herringbone slippers. The slippers are made of biodegradable TPU material, to further our commitment to being as sustainable as possible.

Special pieces were invented for the AW23 show. They are sets of water mist wings, crinoline, and a full dress with a rose-scent aroma. The designer hopes to inspire people with the free form of clothing in our utopian future and with love, take off into our wildest of dreams.

Special thanks:

Art Direction: Susan Fang

Styling: Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Show Director: Amy Chan

Set Design: Huilian Tang & Susan Fang

Special Effects: Hydrocore

Hair: Anna Cofone & Oribe team

Makeup: Rebecca Wordingham

Casting Director: Jonathan Johnson

FOH Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans

Videographer: Craig Maddison

Venue: Everyday Active, Little Venice Leisure Centre


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