Genny Fall/Winter 2023-24 Collection – Milan Fashion Week Runway Show

On the occasion of the Genny fashion show, held on 23 February in Milan, in the context of Milan Fashion Week, to present the new Genny Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection, the creative director, Sara Cavazza chose a new communication mode. In fact, Sara Cavazza for Genny was inspired by a style icon such as Eva Kant, the female protagonist of the Diabolik comic strip. A refined image that blends with the identity codes of the Genny Maison, contributing to an elegant and sophisticated communication concept, narrating a powerful and determined woman.

The stylistic research that Sara Cavazza has applied to the new Genny Fall/Winter Collection 2023-24 focuses on moments of transition and transformation of the female silhouette.

The inspiration starts from the idea of exploring that subtle border that a journey to the edge of the night allows one to know. There, where noir transforms into colors that then emerge brightly to join in the optical white of Genny luminosity – the versatility and dynamism of elegance that Sara Cavazza transfers into the identity of the clothes of the new collection materializes.

The orchid is the flower of Genny’s vibrant woman, who on this occasion symbolizes the allure of a luminous noir. A celebratory reference to the sparkling, mysterious, and iconic beauty of Eva Kant, which Sara Cavazza has embraced as a tribute to her story of refined freedom. Dresses, sheath dresses, suits, and jackets are instruments of an aesthetic rich in transitions, opportunities for vision, and eclecticism. They are inlaid, underlined geometrically composed of creative asymmetries.

There is a fusion between elements from the Genny archive and innovations that Sara Cavazza’s passion has imported as new style codes. Thus, the X becomes a transparent porthole or a precious joint that outlines the body. Instead, new tools, such as the S-shaped obi belt is designed to work a hyper-feminine body idea. Similarly, zips are the hinge elements of a plurality of dressing opportunities.

STYLING: Alex White

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