Launch of the World’s First-Ever 100% Irish Rye Whiskey from Powers

Launch of the World’s First-Ever 100% Irish Rye Whiskey from Powers

Irish Rye Whiskey-Powers, Ireland's revered whiskey maker since 1791, celebrated the U.S. launch of the world's firstever 100% Irish rye whiskey. This is an exciting development in the world of whiskey lovers globally as this beverage is both complex and explosively flavorful. Powers made the spirit with traditional use of rye grain in Irish whiskey production that all but disappeared. When speaking about this process Powers Distiller's Eric Ryan, who led the spirit's development said, "If it was only about efficiency, we would never have used rye!". "From the exceptionality of the grain, which, in 2017, was the first contemporary commission of Irish rye on a commercial scale, to the sweet matured character imparted through the judicious use of several American oak barrel types, to the reflection of the brand's rich history, Powers Irish Rye Whiskeyproved a worthy endeavor. We are honoring the Powers ethos summed up by James Talbot Powers in 1908, 'At Powers, we are producers of flavors, not of spirits.'"

The launch was celebrated at one of New York City's newest and trendiest bar the Ivory Peacock in Flatiron. Rye grain has an interesting history, it was was traditionally used to construct thatch roofs in Ireland. As construction practices modernized, rye grain all but disappeared from the country's agricultural bounty. Powers commissioned 163 acres of rye to be planted in fertile seaside soil at the Cooney Furlong Farm, which supplies more than 820 tons of rye forPowers Irish Rye Whiskey. The farm is located close to Edermine House, the ancestral home of the Powers family.

Here are the tasting Notes on Powers Irish Rye Whiskey:

  • Aroma – Roasted orange, maraschino cherries and toffee banana with rich warming notes of freshly baked ryebread, buttered croissants and charred oak. Robust spices of clove, white pepper and ginger are met with sweet vanilla and earthy sugar cane aromas.

  • Taste – Candied ginger with orange peel, clove spice and peppermint. Caramelized apples with brown sugar, sweet cereal and red licorice notes build while the vanilla and charred oak influences work in the background with the rye signature spices.

  • Finish – Satisfyingly long, with a prickle of chili oil that continues to linger for a time in the company of honey-glazed fruits and hardy cereal undertones.

According to recent statistic the popularity of rye whiskey is on the rise.

A Signature Serve Honors the Irish That Build Manhattan

Powers Irish Rye Whiskey's signature serve is the Irish Built Manhattan, a Manhattan riff that salutes the thousands of Irish laborers and artisans who physically constructed much of Manhattan's signature skyline in the 20th century.

Try making a cocktail yourself:

The Irish Built Manhattan

1 part Powers Irish Rye

1 part Hotel Starlino Vermouth

1 teaspoon marasca syrup

Add whiskey, vermouth and marasca syrup into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with Hotel Starlino Maraschino Cherries.

Beyond the U.S., Powers Irish Rye Whiskey is available in Ireland, Northern Ireland,, as well as via The Whiskey Exchange in the U.K. in the coming months.

By Mosaka Williamson

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