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Maison Atia & Sonia Petroff – Sustainable Fashion Preview External

Maison Atia & Sonia Petroff – Sustainable Fashion Preview External

Luxury brands Maison Atia and Sonia Petroff have come together to curate a stunning collection that showcases their shared passion for exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style at the Baccarat Hotel in New York. 

Drawing inspiration from the bold and vibrant designs of the 1970s, this partnership features beautiful vintage-inspired accessories that are complemented by colorful feminine dresses. Each item in the collection is carefully crafted by local artisans and designed to stand the test of time and become a  treasured addition to any wardrobe. 

“We are always on the lookout for luxury brands that share our vision of timeless yet bold design and our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Sonia Petroff is one of these rare gems and we are thrilled to showcase our common values while launching our first-ever Spring cocktail dresses” says  Chloe Mendel, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Maison Atia.  

Maison Atia curated a small spring collection and the best of their AW23 collection to highlight Sonia Petroff’s latest collection of accessories and jewelry, and the result is a stunning variety of looks for women who are looking for designs and ethical quality that stand the test of times yet are not afraid to stand out.  

“Our ethos at Sonia Petroff is to promote “slow fashion” in everything we do. Slow fashion for me means premium quality that will last for years to come, timeless designs through bold statement pieces that will make an impact yet sophisticated so they don’t go out of style. We aim for all our designs to strike the right balance between fun and refined, whimsical and classic. For this reason, we are delighted to be collaborating with Maison Atia, who share our vision for pieces that are beautiful,  joyful, versatile, and sustainable.” says Maria Leoni-Sceti, Founder and Creative Director of Sonia Petroff. 

“Sonia Petroff’s shared commitment with Maison Atia to sustainable processes, working with small artisan ateliers – in their case in Italy and in ours in New York – was one of the impetuses for our coming together,” continues Gustave Maisonrouge, Co-Founder of Maison Atia. “We are starting in New  York and Chicago, and we’ll continue this fall in Europe”. 

Maison Atia has been socially responsible since Day One, turning excess fabric into chic accessories,  and working with FabScrap to recycle any leftovers. All fabrics for their newly launched RTW collections are recycled or upcycled. In 2020, Maison Atia launched its first fully sustainable line using Koba fabric that is 100% made from plants and recycled water bottles. Since 2021, Maison Atia’s collections are fully sustainable. Maison Atia works with local NYC artisans to create carefully crafted and timeless pieces. Combining a modern aesthetic and sensibility with five generations of fur heritage craftsmanship, Maison Atia is reinventing and elevating the faux fur sector, offering a conscientious and luxurious alternative to fur coats and accessories.  

Sonia Petroff is a London-based luxury jewelry and accessories brand with a new take on vintage designs. Inspired by the archives of Sonia Petroff, her niece-by-marriage, Maria Leoni-Sceti, revived the late designer’s original designs from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s to honor her legacy. 

Ethical production is at the forefront of Sonia Petroff’s values and is brought to life through responsible and sustainable processes. The journey from workshop to wardrobe is a carefully considered process,  and all creations are lovingly handcrafted in small Italian artisan studios in Tuscany. Sonia Petroff advocates for sustainable, mindful purchases, so when you invest in luxury accessories from Italy,  you’re not just buying a beautiful piece of craftsmanship – you’re acquiring a timeless design to be passed to the next generation and treasured forever. 

As with all of Maison Atia’s outerwear collections, each coat purchased provides lifesaving transportation for a homeless pet living in a high-kill shelter to PAWS Chicago, a leading no-kill shelter in  North America, where he or she is guaranteed life. Every pet saved takes us closer to a humane and compassionate community.  

Sonia Petroff works closely with Room2Read, an organization that promotes children’s education and girls’ literacy throughout the world.  

About Sonia Petroff 

Every jewel has a story to tell, and Sonia Petroff’s couture jewels tell her personal story of adventure and adversity, of glamour and audacious, vivacious style. With her innate sense of style, striking beauty, and gregarious personality, she was part of the social jet-set, a guest at the most glamorous, star-studded, high society parties and weddings, spending summers on the Italian Riviera or the Greek islands, and winters in Gstaad. 

Unusual for her time and upbringing, Sonia Petroff was also fiercely independent, a trailblazer of contemporary femininity, showing the confidence and courage that she expressed in her vibrant designs.

Sonia Petroff was an arch-individualist, instinctively creative and sure of her own style, She designed old, witty, and extrovert couture jewelry, inspired by the colors, exuberance, flora, fauna, and joie de vivre of her adopted Italy. Belts and belt buckles, the height of chic in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, were her specialty. Along with statement costume jewelry, earrings, brooches, necklaces, and cuff bangles.  

Her designs were graphic, sculptural, pulsating with color, in rich burnished gilt metal, studded with stones, a mixture of natural minerals, glass, and crystal. The Sonia Petroff collection embodied the essence of Made in Italy in design, quality, and sophistication. 

From luxurious leather belts to exquisite handmade jewelry, these collections are inspired by the past, designed to be worn today, and intended to be passed to the next generation. 

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Sonia Petroff is available to buy at, Selfridges and Salt Resort Wear in London, By Marie in Paris and St Tropez, Six Senses in Rome and Ibiza, and at Jelmoli in Switzerland. 

About Maria Leoni-Sceti 

Born in America, Maria studied economics at Wake Forest University in North Caroline where she left with a BA Hons, before completing her Masters in International Management at Thunderbird, Phoenix  USA. Alongside this education, she also studied throughout her younger years at Oxford and in Paris.  Her first job was at Saatchi and Saatchi, enabling her to learn skills that would soon prove essential for her own brand journey. 

Upon Sonia Petroff’s death in 2015, it was discovered that her entire 800-piece archive had been left within the inheritance to her nephew Elio and his wife, Maria Leoni-Sceti. With no children of her own,  Sonia greatly admired and felt an infinity to the couple’s own free-spirited and international life; Maria and her husband have lived in seven different countries with each of their four children born in a  different one, garnering four languages between them. After spending several months exploring and cataloging the archive left to her, Maria was enthralled and inspired to bring Sonia’s vision back to light and life again. Maria has continued to design new seasonal collections for Sonia Petroff, drawing inspiration from the late designer’s impressive archive and its motifs, including the lobster which is now synonymous with the brand. Maria has designed pieces made to last a lifetime, evolving Sonia Petroff into a timeless and cosmopolitan brand while staying true to its vintage Italian roots. 

About Maison Atia 

Maison Atia is an innovative faux luxury outerwear brand whose DNA is rooted in sustainable crafted faux fur. Its creations combine modern heritage, sustainability, creativity, playfulness, and style, and turn to skilled artisans to create timeless products that look and feel glamorous. 

Awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, Maison Atia continues to be at the forefront of sustainability using no-waste production models and quality sustainable fabrics such as Koba (bio-based faux fur), recycled materials, and upcycled fabric.  

Maison Atia dresses range from $650 to $1,380. The brand offers coats and an assortment of accessories. Coats retail from $ 475-$3,200 and accessories range from $ 35-$400. 

Many of our creations are easily transformable and allow for two, sometimes three, different looks in one coat. Maison Atia is available exclusively via its e-commerce website and selects niche retailers internationally. Please visit for more information.  

Maison Atia is proud to partner with PAWS CHICAGO; a leading no-kill shelter in North America. With its #BuyACoatSaveAPuppy campaign, every coat sold provides homeless pet transportation to one of their shelters.  

Maison Atia was founded by Chloe Mendel, daughter of a famed designer, and Gustave Maisonrouge. 


Chloe Mendel: Chloe grew up in The Fashion Industry, and trained in the Atelier of her father, Gilles  Mendel. While working on his inaugural Haute Couture Collection in the summer of July 2016, she decided to bring her family’s tradition of Quality and Craftsmanship to faux fur. At that time, virtually no brand had that approach! While raising her children Augustus and Clementine with Partner Billy  Corgan, Chloe embodies Maison Atia’s creative force in all aspects of her life! 

Gustave Maisonrouge: Gustave remembers doing his homework in his mother’s Luxury Strategy  Consulting firm, deciding at age eight that he would pursue a career in this field! After Carleton College,  he followed his dream and started at Hermès as a Fragrance Specialist. When his friend Chloe asked him to become her business partner, he did not hesitate one second! Now armed with an MBA from  Columbia Business School, Gustave feels even better equipped to bring Maison Atia to its full potential.

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