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In Between Jobs? Here’s What To Do Next

In Between Jobs? Here’s What To Do Next

In Between Jobs

In Between Jobs? Here’s What To Do Next

What to do In Between Jobs? We all come to a time in our lives when our careers seem shaky. During this time we might start looking for something else, or we might try to stick it out and search for the positives. But some people love a fresh start and throw it all in to find something new! And if that sounds like you, this is the post that could help out. 

Maybe you’re on the lookout for your dream job, maybe you just need something to pass the time before you decide what to do next – either situation works here! Being in between jobs is risky, but you’ve got a lot more options than you might think. 

In Between Jobs consulting with your skills

Start Consulting with Your Skills In Between Jobs

If you’ve got a specialist skill under your belt, or you’ve worked one job for years and now consider yourself an expert, why not sell that right now? Someone out there is going to be looking for a tutor, either for themselves or their children, and you could be just the thing they’re looking for. Sign up to tutoring and gig websites both and practice a little with your writing to ensure you sell yourself well in the description. 

In Between Jobs do networking

Reach Out to Your Network

The people in your network could have a host of opportunities for you right now. All you have to do is ask around! Reach out to the people you know well first of all, as you already have an established rapport with them. You can then ask them to ask around, and on and on the cycle can go until you get a proper hit. And don’t worry, if you’ve been a good, helpful networking connection in the past, the people around you are much more likely to be helpful in return now; good faith is often paid forward.

Look for Franchise opportunity

Look into Franchise Opportunities

If you’ve got business experience, working for a franchise might be the most suitable step right now. The Benefits of applying for a logistics franchise online could be very high for you, seeing as you’ve got a lot of pre-established resources and objectives to work with. 

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You just then need to put your own experience and know-how to the test. At the very least, it’s a good thing to take a chance on if you’re in between jobs – this could be the sense of independence you’re really looking for from your career.  

Know Your Worth

Finally, make sure you never quite lose your job confidence. You’ve got skill, you’ve got experience, and you’re just in between jobs right now. Even if the search takes a while, never let this sense of self slip away from you. It’s disheartening, yes, but you’re still the same person with so much to give. You just need a bit more time to find that one thing that’ll work for you. 

Being in between jobs is a hard state of affairs. Maximize your efforts with ideas like these to find the best career step for you. 

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