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Dynamic Duo Revolutionizing Trucking

Dynamic Duo Revolutionizing Trucking

CEO Ozan Baran and his wife Süreyya Yalcin Baran

This flourishing vision is found with the couple who partners up professionally such as the dynamic duo of Quickload CEO Ozan Baran and his wife Süreyya Yalcin Baran. Married for seven years, the powerful roots of their relationship have built an entrepreneurial empire. Both from Turkey, Ozan was already a well-known logistics businessman when he relocated to Florida and extended his enterprise to be crowned the king of ‘Uber of Trucking.’

The founder and CEO of Quickload has created a smart trucking network for innovative shipping. He offers a combination of great paying loads that are worth taking for drivers while shippers can easily connect with qualified truckers around the country to get their materials to take to market. For Ozan, it started in 2006 with just an idea and now his concept has taken on a crucial role that is helping fix the American economy for the better. Better industry practices set up by Baran and his company are changing all of this. For their drivers, the company has established the ultimate vehicle for self-employment. 

CEO Ozan Baran

By creating thousands of work opportunities for freelance drivers, Baran has made the system flawless. Operations now have ease in workflow and in turn drivers make more money. No longer are they driving with freights only full in one direction. The road back home is now almost always a guarantee of a job with Quickload’s virtual sign-in program. Just like a shared ride system like Uber, the driver can connect with a shipper to fulfill and order directly.

Süreyya explains their unique marriage and how it has masterfully led to an international success story. Quickload offers shippers the opportunity to pick up and drop off containers from and to the Port Miami and Port Everglades. They can also move pallets or boxes. It is all done with a sophisticated booking system that guarantees delivery with a large network of trusted carriers across the U.S.

The logistical gurus spend time together both in the office in Florida as well as when traveling around the globe for business meetings. “What makes our marriage special is to be sure that our love and trust is solid, to be the husband and wife and best friends at the same time and to always feel that we are the best team in the face of what life brings us,” she states. 

 “It is a great honor for me to have been doing the logistics business that I started doing while I was studying at university for more than 20 years,” she describes passionately about her role. “To have combined it with technology today, I followed my dreams and there is a phrase that I never forget, “Sky is the limit.’”

 The concept saves time and money on both ends and in turn helps stimulate the economy. It is something that they take great pride in. Organizational skills and dedicated staff are helping not only businesses in the country get their products to their consumers. They are also helping truck drivers realize their potential as full-fledged small business owners themselves.

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“We are thrilled to be a global inspiration for our workers as well as to other entrepreneurs,” he enthusiastically explains. “Drivers can make more money through our company. They can make like around $5,000 a week just pulling a container. This can lead to an annual income of $175,000 a year for a driver with our mobile application all together.”

And it is just the beginning for this couple who sees the journey of their lives just beginning. The road ahead is set to take them to even further soaring heights as their business continues to grow. 

“We are simply proud of the American dream for success that together we planned, and we made a fantastic reality,” Ozan expresses. “Here is to many more years driving down the road of success.” 

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