Yvette Rose is ‘Raising the Bar’ for Holistic Health Foods with Joule Goddess

Yvette Rose is ‘Raising the Bar’ for Holistic Health Foods with Joule Goddess

Joule Goddess founder and CEO, Yvette Rose, is no stranger to the life-changing power of organic superfoods and integrative health. Now, after nearly two decades working as a celebrity wellness coach and healing practitioner, the Malibu-based businesswoman and mother of two is lending her expertise to the world of mindful, plant-based nutrition with her line of detoxifying Joule Goddess herbal teas and SuperSeed Bars.

While the idea of whole-body nutrition may seem like a more modern approach to mainstream medicine, life coach and visionary healer Yvette Rose has built a nearly 20-year career dedicated to this perspective, continuously breaking barriers in the wellness industry and advancing mind-body health for the greater good.

With a passion for comprehensive well-being and a deep understanding of the gut-brain connection, Rose has securely established herself as a prominent figure in the field of integrated nutrition. Her fitness journey has culminated in the creation of her best-selling organic foods line, Joule Goddess, which serves as a testament of her unwavering commitment to plant-based nourishment.

Born and raised in New York City, Rose was initially motivated to launch Joule Goddess after embarking on a personal journey to physical well-being during her first pregnancy.

"Intuitively, I knew that I needed to change the way I was living if I wanted my first baby to have a chance in the world," says Rose. "So, I started learning yoga and meditation, and incorporated probiotics into my family's nutrition plan. By the time I had my second child, I had been living that lifestyle for 8 years. Whereas my first baby was in an incubator with a variety of ailments, my second child had no health issues. So, my motivation in sharing this brand was really to reach out to mothers, so that other moms didn't have to experience what I went through."

Today, over a decade later, Joule Goddess's exceptional range superfood-infused SuperHerb Teas, SuperSeed Teas, and gut-balancing Reset Cleanse Kits has firmly established itself as a must-have amongst celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Brooke Burke, and Gwyneth Paltrow. All-natural, ethically-sourced ingredients such as turmeric, goji berries, cascara, and hemp seeds form the foundation of Rose's rejuvenating product line, and contribute to her recognition as a world-renowned health guru.

One of the standout products from Joule Goddess's Superfood line is the signature 3-Day Gut Reset Cleanse. Featuring a selection of flavors ranging from Tulsi Cacao to Ginger Goji, Yvette Rose has created a balanced and nourishing kit filled with 18 of her favorite Joule Goddess products, all included to promote optimal brain health and digestive function.

In addition to her nutrient-dense food line, Rose has also developed a range of holistic health and lifestyle coaching programs designed to facilitate spiritual mindset shifts and energy healing. With inside-out wellness at the core of Joule Goddess's mission, Yvette Rose has crafted a thoughtfully bespoke program which promotes elevated wellness, and keeps gut vitality and mind-body connection at the center of its ethos.

"Above all," says Rose, "I want Joule Goddess to serve as a brand and service which helps to elevate collective consciousness through the gut-brain connection. I sincerely believe that an all-natural, organic, seeds and herb diet is the path to long-lasting wellness."

Apart from a refreshingly minimal ingredient list and numerous health certifications, what truly sets Yvette Rose and Joule Goddess apart from other brands is their dedication to creating the happiest, most aligned version of their customers. Whether it's gut health training or manifestation coaching, Joule Goddess has transcended the barriers of traditional health food programs to become a community of unabashed path-makers, earth-shakers, and superfood takers.

Yvette Rose is just getting started when it comes to her mission of revolutionizing the future of holistic health foods. Join her and Joule Goddess today to embark on a transformative journey nourishing of mind, body, and soul.

Find Joule Goddess products on the brand's long-standing online store, as well as in fitness studios and health food markets across the United States. Now launching at Erewhon Market.

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