The Double Life of a Brilliant New York Orthopedic Doctor

The Double Life of a Brilliant New York Orthopedic Doctor

Double Life of Orthopedic Doctor, does it sounds interesting? For the past 25 years, quintessential New York doctor Gabriel Dassa has been dedicating himself to the well-being of his community both on and off the stage, sharing his talents in medicine and performance with the world. Not many medical professionals can say the same; not only is Dr. Dassa a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, but he is also a staple of the music industry, lending his musical talent as a singer to best-selling a vocal  group, The Tokens, famous for their 1961 hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." For decades, the multi-hyphenate surgeon and vocalist has created a unique harmony between the worlds of art and medicine, and, in many ways, he's just getting started. 

Visitors and patients from all over the United States frequently make the trip to Dr. Dassa's three state-of-the-art New York locations, hoping to be treated by the world-class orthopedic surgeon. Whether holding tenure in his two Bronx locations or idyllic upstate New York practice, Dr. Dassa has dedicated the past three decades to serving and accommodating patients dealing with complex conditions such as ligament tears, orthopedic and hand trauma, joint fractures, and rotator cuff tears

The 'Doctor-Who-Does-It-All' abides by a motto of providing treatment to all of patients in a competent and compassionate environment, centered around a kind of professional care which Dassa has spent decades cultivating and perfecting. While his practice, Dassa Orthopedics, specializes in orthopedic treatments, Dassa also applies the benefits of his musical career to his office protocols. Case in point, his patients are as ecstatic about his musical presence as they are about his dedicated craftsmanship in the operating room. 

From the consultation room to the stage, Dassa demonstrates impeccable skill and steadfast determination to succeed in his many passions. He is the leading orthopedic expert in the New York Metropolitan area, and is also  well known as one of the most memorable voices in the a cappella group, Classic Sounds, alongside his work with The Tokens. A trailblazer across industries, he continues to spread passion and healing throughout his community.

From a young age, Dr. Dassa had the opportunity to meet many of his favorite artists, including Robert Carr from Robert & Johnny and Willie Winfield of The Harptones, to name a few. To date, Dassa has shared the stage with music greats such as The Drifters, The Miracles, The Righteous Brothers, and many other acclaimed artists from the 1950's and 60's. While later working as an orthopedic practitioner, Dassa found the time to perform in local theater productions, including musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Godspell."

The delight in the cross-connections of music and medicine proved to be inclinations enjoyable enough to last a lifetime. Within no time, Dassa received offers from leading names in a cappella.  He is a founding member a capella group  Classic Sounds the 2 time winner of A Cappella American Idol.

As manager of Classic Sounds, Dassa leads performances, handles bookings and events, and produces their albums. On stage, he sings lead, first tenor, second tenor, and falsetto. Alongside Classic Sounds, Dassa has also performed on "The Vinny Vella Show," and proudly continues to fill stadiums across the country.

The magic behind the music of The Tokens was stylized by original lead singer and founding member, Jay Siegel. His distinct falsetto and tenor lead has remained sacred, and is characterized by the group with Dassa and Kurt Yaghjian. Here's to more doctors lending an ear to musical inclinations.

With both creative endeavors and prominent dedication to the field of medicine, Dr. Dassa's many contributions to his craft have proven to leave a truly impressive footprint on the world. To learn more about this all-encompassing life, please visit the Dassa Orthopedics website. To learn more about Classic Sounds, visit To experience Jay Siegel's Tokens, visit

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